Spotting an enemy still interrupts dash

Please, get rid of this. Better yet, give players a choice as to whether to continue the dash or to stop upon seeing an enemy. It’s exceptionally annoying when instead of going 2 APs worth you end up two squares away because your guy happened to spot an enemy in some other section of the map.

Doesn’t seem to happen all the time but it’s happened consistently while trying to move through a nest. All the eggs everywhere means it’s almost a useless skill in there.

While I’m at it, the darkness that covers areas of the nest doesn’t clear when your guys have a clear line of sight. It’s very annoying and very immersion breaking. I’ve had times where my guys are stood in the darkness and it still won’t clear.


I feel a downside to Dash should simply be that you can’t stop, so you might just run into enemy overwatch. This seems logical.

In another thread, of course, I suggested dropping the -4 WP cost, and either making it cost 1 AP, or that Assault troops get 1 free AP worth of movement. That way, it would be less overpowered, and I just hate the weird Willpower mana bar.

Alternatively, just make it that Assault characters can spend 6 AP on movement, so that they can rocket across the map if all they want to do that turn is run ( if you shoot, you lose the two free movement AP). That gives them mobility, but doesn’t let them teleport and then perform two full auto attacks on enemies.


Ditto on dash getting interrupted! It’s the worst when I know the enemy is there(I just triggered their camo), and I send in a guy with stun or a shotgun on dash, and he just stops in the open!

Are you sure the unrelieved darkness isn’t mist?

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Yep, absolutely certain. It’s only on nests, not lairs or any other maps and it doesn’t have that particle effect mist has. Also doesn’t lower my guy’s will or raise the enemies’ will. Just good old fashioned ‘fog of war’, but not working right.

This is a bug that existed in the backer builds. I’ve been dealing with it for a while on Mac.

It’s unbelievably irritating and can completely screw up a carefully worked out position.

As is the thing where control is automatically switched to the next squad member when the one you’re working with runs out of TUs.

Had kind of hoped they’d have been fixed…


I think they’ve improved this a bit since it only swaps away once. When you swap back to that soldier you can activate abilities and stuff without it switching away again, which it used to do in backer build 5. Would like to see a tickbox in the options to toggle auto-switch on and off though.

Devs looks like Leviathan build patch made the spotting enemy interrupt dash again :sob:. Imho this is quite annoys me, I think the 2nd build - 3rd build patch already been fixed that spotting enemy wouldn’t interrupt dash *cmiiw. Thanks.

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Was the enemy close? Dash will still be interrupted if the enemy is within 5 tiles (the minimum perception distance)

Yes in my case soldier stopped dash once they spotted the enemy, I don’t have any kind of situation within the soldier ping/hearing yet (perception distance).

Noted, so the new dash will interrupt if the enemy is within 5 tiles - thanks. I wish the dash could be improve a bit fair for the player :sob:.

Imho I suggest keep the current dash spotted mechanics, but while it stop player should be allowed to choose and continue the dash within their range. Thanks in advance UV.

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Dash should never be interrupted. You spend will/ap and don’t get it back. You choose to dash, accepting the risk !


I don’t know, feel a bit too much for player. With the dash ‘stop and go’ it may gives more tactical movement for the player to decide, is like running and dodge.

Yes, dash is dash. The soldier goes into a focused moment of sprinting and not observing as would be with normal movement.

Occasionally I know where a Triton is and intend to dash up to it for a terminal kill, but one can’t because of the spotted interruption. I knew it was there! That is the plan.


Exactly. This arbitrary interrupting can destroy your well thought out tactics, getting your soldier killed in the process because now you stand there with your pants down.

I have to agree that it’s not cool, given that your WP is already spent at that point with no refund.

Sprinting during normal movement should still be interrupted, Dash should never be interrupted. As others have said, it wastes WP (you don’t get refunded if the soldier moves just a couple of spaces before getting interrupted by spotting an enemy) and it’s not thematic (Dash is a very focused sprint, even more than normal sprinting - the soldier wouldn’t be nearly as focused on observing their surroundings).


That’s make sense I’m agree about normal sprint should be interrupted and dash should never be interrupted.

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It was like that all the time. Unless you used unofficial mod which made dash not interrupted.

Weird, not in my case. I think it was 2nd or 3rd patch *I couldn’t remember correctly because I did turn off the auto-update after the patch that ruin my game progress. So yea that moment the dash wasn’t interrupt once spotted the enemy and never used any mods since I purchased the game though.

Yeah this happens to me consistently in leviathan patch. Super annoying when I expect the dash to carry me next to the opponent but it stops well before that just to spot an enemy.