Cutscenes haven't worked as of Oryx V1.10.1

Have you tried these?

Try updating Microsoft Redistributable: The latest supported Visual C++ downloads

And installing these codecs (or any other codecs with H.264): Download K-Lite Codec Pack Full

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Have you tried these?

Try updating Microsoft Redistributable: The latest supported Visual C++ downloads

And installing these codecs (or any other codecs with H.264): Download K-Lite Codec Pack Full

Yes to both. The log file still says,

WindowsVideoMedia error 0xc00d36b4 while reading E:/SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Phoenix Point/PhoenixPointWin64_Data/StreamingAssets/StreamableCopiedAssets/Videos/GameIntro.mp4

Context: Setting media type for first video stream
Error details: The data specified for the media type is invalid, inconsistent, or not supported by this object.
Track types:
Audio Track, type: %10%16
Video Track [1920 x 1080], type: H264

(Filename: Line: 3648)


Same as @Yme

Same here. Same error message.

I’ve re-installed the redists for VC and dx, installed some codec packs (though that never seemed to be the problem as I can play the mp4 videos fine from their folders) and updated everything (windows, drivers).

At my wit’s end. Would love to start playing with new DLC, but can’t/won’t without the immersive cutscenes (some of which I’ve never seen before).

The Unity bug seemed to affect Win7 users only, so wonder what this is about…

There are Windows 10 users affected as well. Though the majority are Windows 7.

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Indeed i’m on windows 10 with everything up to date (graphic drivers, windows etc…). Already tried every solution i found on the net but none worked. So i bought the game last Friday and can’t play since because i would like to play with cutscenes, which is normal when you buy a game.

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Provide an update of needed component to Win7 x64

If you mean OS is outdated:

  • Runs all x64 Win apps, with exception of few games. If M$ would just let DirectX be free of Win eclusivity (like it used to be) that would be fixed
  • Runs all x32 apps and some Win16 apps way better then Win10 (more Windows compatibile)
  • Has more drivers for older hardware (yes, a lot of old hardware will never get Win10 drivers)
  • With 3rd party add ons can have most of same functionality
  • You are free of M$ telemetrics spyware, constant updating that can lead to system hang (finally, a FINAL version of an OS)
  • You are way more in control while having non-tablet UI with bubbles for kids
  • More advanced options are not so hidden

And how does videos not working relate to Windows 7? My codecs are all updated, VLC can play all videos.

FIY, tried Win10 on same hardware, on laptop Bluetooth, card reader and older connected scanner did not work and system was much slower. Also on desktop, system much more slower, while no real new functionality I do need was presented (Edge? hah. Skype by MS?)

Please, this MUST be addressed ASAP. Is it unity or in game video player?

Just to this little point in your long list:

If I’m not wrong then MS tried to do so and make it also run on Win 7, but there were massive problems so they had no success (AFAIK some problems with the ‘old’ kernel, not sure). Could they have done more? Maybe, but honestly, it is official outdated and will not longer receive any security updates so they decided to not invest more as absolutely needed.

Ask Apple users about outdated and not longer compatible OS to run actual software, a mess compared to what MS do.

And no, I’m not a MS fanboy and I wish Linux would have the power to dominate this ‘crappy’ OS market.

Please, you cant make DirectX work on x64 Win7 and you claim you are a serious developer company? They institute DirectX via Windows infusion only as early as XP I believe.

I am glad, I always used external antivirus and firewall, M$ pathes never made me safe.

Yes, soon all those poor souls using Intel.
Imagine I use MacOS X Tiger on G5 and with Office 2006 and special older Firefox port I manage to do the job when my Windows machine is busy with gamers or something else.

OS is outdated when you cant do anything on it, or when there is no really useful software to it. I still manage to do lot in AmigaOS 3.9.

It has, this team promised Linux version too and more and more games work on Steam on Linux. Just better nVIDIA drivers have to be done. Paying for most incompatible Windows ever + office 365 per month as opposed to getting few hundreds $ more strong hardware is pure madness.

In MacOS X you at least get free Office and few OS upgrades, and M1 got it a bit more people friendly, so yes, my next laptop wont be Win10, but M1 :slight_smile:

Back to topic, is it Unity engine related or internal player of the game? Windows 7 is not to be blamed.

Win10 was so great that if they havent offered Win7 users free upgrade, they would not have majority Windows share for few years, even newer hardware aggressively pushed it as pre-installed (instead of OS install of users choice - silent monopolism).

Also, they removed selling point - Windows game pack :slight_smile:

Only trouble is no updated USB drivers that prevents AMD Ryzen install without some hacking with USB drivers.

This was far reasonable request. Installed both again, nothing changed.

If these are crucial components for game, should not Steam update it before running the game?

How it is NOT game breaking? One that does not know ESC is “the key” cant acess games or missions?

If you ask these people, seems Win11

I think that hitting esc is not so hidden option :slight_smile: I always do that along with “enter”, “backspace”, “space” and probably one or two other keys. :wink:

Look old players know to ALT F4 your Window and such, CTRL ALT DEL, AMIGA AMIGA DEL and so on :slight_smile:
THINK OF THE CHILDREN, the children … :slight_smile: