Black screen on video clips but with sound and subtitles

The issue is that for some reason any video clip in the game has sound and subtitles but no video and I can only see a black screen with text and hear people talking about different matters.
So I’m not stuck, yes, the game is not crashing and I even don’t miss some lore, just because I played the game on launch and remember these videos about factions, etc. But(!) back then, video clips were working perfectly and now I decided to play again, after several updates and also DLC release, on the very same machine with the very same configuration and even the very same OS (since I did not reinstall windows in between), video clips are doing this.

I tried different solutions I found across this forum: I updated my graphic drivers, installed the freshest version of vc++ (though it was doubtful since I’m .NET dev and I’m keeping all thing related to VS up to date, but still why not, miracles happen), I experimented with window mode and V-sync (in both AMD radeon software and the game), I reinstalled the game, I reinstalled it then to another drive, and I also tried to launch the game .exe with admin rights from the folder and not from EGS and nothing worked out in the end.

So I can’t say that it’s a critical issue, I just hope that I would not encounter anything more further in the game and if some solution will happen to be, it’d be nice because a game with videos is rather better then without =)

Oh, and I can also skip videos via Esc and I also attach log file, hope it’ll come in handy:

I see that you tried a lot, but verifying Phoenix Point installation in Epic Games Launcher is not mentioned. Have you tried that?

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Oh, just forgot to mention, my apologies. Yes, of course, right before reinstallations.

Also, I was juggling thoughts about mentions that symbols in file paths might cause some troubles and about media pack for windows and I tried these as well.
Well, mydocs path for my machine is C:\Users\walter\AppData\LocalLow\Snapshot Games Inc and the game itself was firstly in C:\Epic Games\Phoenix Point (I’ll use PhP shorthand for the game’s name later on if no objections), then in C:\Games\PhP and now it’s installed on HDD instead of SSD in H:\Games\PhP, I tried to exclude any whitespaces, just for extra confidence, and nuh-uh, and it didn’t work as well, unfortunately. My system language is English (US) and username walter is written in English (US) keyboard layout (not in Latvian, that is for sure), so I suppose no trouble in here.
Regarding the media pack, I downloaded it from Microsoft and tried to install, but the installer said that “Cannot install on that machine”, I read that for quite a time already all such things installed via Win10 Features manager (Settings -> Apps -> Apps & features -> optional features -> add) but nothing like media pack in there. Unfortunately, one more miss and still no clips, including on mission starts, and I had literally 15 minutes ago to watch Subject-24 clip on YouTube because of this funny issue.

The logs say that the video loaded correctly. In that case it is probably some issue with video codecs.

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Oh, so it looks like something like the media pack problem after all.
The bad thing is that the media pack itself doesn’t want to install, so might it be that I need some sort of video codecs installation or windows update?
If you have some thoughts regarding this, please share - something might work, it’s just that I don’t have the opportunity to know what does the game require to play clips, and trying to install all sorts of video codecs from across the internet seems a rather extreme solution.

UPD just for some extra clarity: my Windows updates itself regularly and also it did it the day before yesterday last time, so I might suspect my OS to be up to date including some non-essential win updates.

I tried to install K-lite codecs pack and it didn’t work out either, still black screen with audio and subs

try to install all C++ Redistributables and Microsoft Media pack (or something like that which helps with Windows Media Player decoding different stream sources).

As I mentioned earlier, I tried and, unfortunately, it didn’t help.

There are many issues caused by the Unity update for some users. I’ve F12’ed most of those I’ve encountered. Yet to see any fixes.

There were some threads where unplugging some hardware or uninstalling some software helped. I don’t want to point to any particular as I don’t see this case on my own eyes.

Well, according to @mcarver2000 nothing more to try or to do then, I suppose. Only just to await updates with possible fixes.

In any case, thanks everyone for your time!

After upgrading to latest update, i got the same problem. Need help. Thx

Using danforth, i still got my video. After upgrading to cthulhu and legacy of the ancients, no video at all, only sounds and subtitle. Already try to reinstall media pack from windows and reinstall directx also upgrading my amd radeon software. My directx version is currently at directx 12. thank you.

Have you reported this via F12?

done reporting this via F12. but kinda funny that i can watch cutscene in earlier patch and after that not possible to watch in cthulhu and legacy. allready upgrading to newest windows 10 version 2004, but still same.

just found out, playing with nvidia g-force is fine, but no with amd radeon with nvidia g-force lower spec laptop is okay and cutscenes shown up, but not with amd radeon higher spec laptop. still no cutscene but only can shown subtitles and hear sounds only