06 JUN - Black screen issue for BOTH Epic and Gog versions.. see post for updates of what I have found

Anyone seen this issue on the GOG 1 year edition?

EDIT: See other post I made below for new details …

Does pressing ESC allow you to continue?

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Nope… It is acting almost like it is setting up shaders… But I finally killed task after 20 minutes… My Epic version is fine… but this gog version, no go since getting it.

UPDATE: Ok this is happening in BOTH the EPIC and GOG versions… And once I had noticed it was both, the ONLY thing different on my systems are the new NVidia drivers out a couple days ago… Everything worked fine prior to those drivers.

TO FIX: You need to go to the APPDATA locallow directory and DELETE the entire Snapshot game director for Phoenix Point. Doing that appears to allow the EPIC only versions to again run… with a caveat, see below

2nd UPDATE… Ok something definitely wrong… I can get the EPIC version to run… but it too displays a BLACK screen on loading… AND in various parts of the game… What’s odd is that if I right click my mouse, it continues on and plays each time.

For the GOG version, it just goes to a black screen on load and nothing bypasses it… Also, when I ALT TAB, there IS what appears to be a Unreal 4 Error dialog of some kind but I am unable to view it… In the taskmanager, it also shows TWO copies of the game running at the same time with identical stats.

So, whatever this is, it’s a problem… and again, this started with the lastest NVIDEO drivers for me.

If the DEVS see this, let me know and I can send log files or DXDiag or even a video recording of this problem…

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If it is about the cinematics not playing: We managed to find a workaround for Win 7 user and the workaround will be part of the next hotfix.


Finally. What made you do it?

Nice! Don’t suppose you have a rough ETA for the next hotfix?

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It should be this Thursday if there are no problems.


That is indeed fast. Nice. But addresses just few of many.

I am on Windows 10 HOME edition for this machine. Hope this will fix what I posted.

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Can confirm that the latest patch fixed this issue for me. Thanks! Finally, time for a FS playthrough :slight_smile:

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It should fix that as well. Cutscenes are using different codecs now. They were using H.264 and now they are using VP8.


Awesome! Time to play again!

Thank you so much for fixing this! I am now playing the game again :smile:

By the way, not to whine or anything, but just wondering if anyone has noticed the quality of the videos going down? Seem a bit pixelated and also not as ‘smooth’? Might just be my imagination, it’s been awhile since I last played with working cutscenes.