Pandoran evolution as an additional difficulty tier?


I love the game and I have played it couple of times already. I also agree with the direction it changed
since it’s release.

One thing I would love to see would be modular difficulty. I like challenging, LONG games. I have settled at the hero difficulty as challenging but not too rushed. Especially with all the new content I was busy with missions without pandorans and hit 2 evolution steps without having to fight a single pandoran enemy :frowning_face:

My suggestion would be to split the difficulty into couple of tiers:

  1. speed of pandoran evolution
  2. strength of your soldiers (for example XP gain)
  3. tactical difficulty (amount and/or toughness of enemies)
  4. hostilily of other factions towards you and each other
  5. if wounds are not healed/partially healed/completely healed between encounters

I would really like to fight multiple tough battles against each evolution step with
not too overpowered soldiers :slight_smile:


Kind regards and thanx for awesome game


You have my vote. :wink: