Cursor not visible most of the time

Dear devs,

I have an annoying bug. I don’t play Phoenix Point with a controller so I switched it off in the options because my HOTAS messed up with the game.
The cursor shows up until I move it and then disappears. I can still select buttons and menu options, I just have to guess where the cursor is at the moment. When I start a game (or load a savegame), the cursor is sometimes visible and then disappears randomly, most of the time during a confrontation, rendering my tactical options nearly useless. It reappears when I move around with WSAD and then disappears again.

I thought it could be a problem with my multi monitor setup but switching to single monitor didn’t help either.
I’m running Windows 10 with the most recent update on a Intel Core i9, 48GB RAM and with an Nvidia RTX 2070 with latest drivers installed. Is there anything I can try to fix the issue myself?

I have Problems too with the cursor - have to shut down my space mouse 3d drivers in background!

Same problem here, this is not fun always guessing where the cursor is // Win 10 1080TI 4790K 16GB

Same problem here.

According to Satoru (link), it can most probably be solved by unplugging the HOTAS:

This is likely due to you having a HOTAS setup. Please disable or disconnect it. If you’d like to hear me rant about how much Microsoft and Xinput destroyed peripherals in general feel free to make a thread and I will talk for ages.

Same problem here, but fixed for me.

Had to disconnect my joysticks with HOTAS, even though controllers are disabled in the game. I don’t use them in this game…

I have the same problem, and to be honest, I don’t consider crawling under my desk every time I want to play the game a solution. (Especially since it’s the only game that shows behaviour like that, Microsoft’s destruction of periphals seems to have been a rather surgical strike. :slight_smile: )

You don’t need to physically disconnect the joystick, you could disable them in Windows Device Manager (Win + pause/break keys) => Sound, video and game controllers), but it is pretty much as cumbersome and annoying as crawling under the desk to physically disconnect the plug.

I also have this problem.

I have a HOTAS, and an EDtracker. Neither of which I want to disconnect every time I want to play!

Have the same issue, disconnecting HOTAS helps, but it’s tad silly.

Not to rez this…

But I was having trouble with this from the beginning, but clicking would manage it. After Windows 10’s latest update, for whatever reason, the cursor is gone all the time now making the game unplayable.

I have a T.16000 Thrustmaster HOTAS, but it is disconnected. I also have a 3Dconnexion Space Mouse, also disconnected. But, here’s the kicker, I have a Swiftpoint Z mouse, Model 700. It has built-in functionality to act like a joystick through the onboard profile manager.

Basically, I actually can’t disconnect my joystick, because it is my mouse.

So… any thoughts on revisiting this?

Disable joystick in profile manager?

It’s nice to rant about Microsoft and Xinput because they are such a large target. However, when I literally have no other game on my system that has this problem with mouse cursors because my HOTAS is plugged in, I have to kind of call BS. If other developers can figure out how to make this work, then so can you. I am disappointed that after 6 months this issue still isn’t fixed.