Vanishing Pointer - Not sure if this is a bug or not

I’ve just got the game. I’m having severe issues with the mouse pointer disappearing which makes the UI extremely difficult to navigate.

I have a 2 screen setup currently. The primary display the game runs in uses 3440 x 1440. I’m not using windowed mode but, I think it runs in a borderless window by default(?).

The pointer is initially available on the geoscape and main menu’s but once into a mission it vanishes after selecting an ability like overwatch. The pointer usually comes back if I tab to a new character but vanishes again for overwatch/medkits etc.

After the latest mission, from the reward screen onward, the pointer is not visible but I’ve managed to save and Alt-f4.

Is this just me or a known issue?

PS I have a wireless xb1 controller. Having it active or not, doesn’t seem to make a difference.
PPS I also have a HOTAS attached but not used, currently. No axis are drifting.