Environment destruction and haven defence


What do you think about some rounds of rifle shooting down walls and all stuff sorrounding you and your foes? I dont really like this, hoping it will be fixed in future release.

About Haven Defence missions, i see my soldiers always overwhelmed, and usually lose the mission and a lot of soldiers.

I hope will be different in future

It is irritating, at least if you don’t take advantage of it. But objects durability was broght down in this build to test physics from what I know. Previous build showed us that objects can be quite sturdy. So it definitely will be changed to more realistic values.

From what I know there will be different difficulty settings. Just check that EXG demo, it has 3 settings - Easy, Challenging, Brutal - there are some videos about that so they can give some example how to use cover. Try to avoid staying in the open, hide more deeply behind walls (not at the edge but further, then move soldier out, fire, and hide again).

Yokes, thanks

About difficulty, it s not a big problem to me but you should admit that if you are in a ratio of 1:3 and one shot brings down your cover you could be used to those game but you have to flee or perish.
Anyway i know this is just a build 4

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The destructible environment can be handy (for trapping the enemy in on their entry points). But no doubt… currently very (very) challenging.

I did one base defense with 20(!) people defending. It was a little overwhelming controlling that many people, but it was still a challenge because there were so many entry/access points. My success as far as %defended was the same or worse than other runs, though I had almost no losses.

I have found an interesting article about it https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2014/nov/06/whats-the-environmental-impact-of-modern-war