How do I protect my weapons?

I’ve got guys with good armour, and have the field tech add to their armour with his ability as well. The problem is after a few blasts in my general area, most of my guys are a little injured, but half of their weapons have been destroyed.

I don’t see a way of building more durable weapons, and the field tech armour ability doesn’t give your weapons armour.

Any suggestions? Missions are costing me more in replacement weapons than they are worth.

I’m seriously considering having a entire troop of mutants with natural weapons and spitters so I still have a weapon to play with half way through the mission, rather than just hiding and having the mid controlled troops do the killing (I have had more than one mission ending with only weapons were theirs :weary:

weapons get damaged and destroyed… nothing you can do about it… but you can carry multiple weapons… with Assaults, i usually carry both assault rifle and shotgun… so if my AR gets destroyed, i can still use my shotgun…

Huh, I’ve only managed to get a couple of weapons destroyed in my entire current playthrough. A tip would be to switch weapons before ending your turn, since they can only damage the weapon you’re currently holding. But in general it sounds like you might be depending too much on armour instead of cover, it’s always better to not get hit at all.

Cover system is kind of unclear though.
In all honesty I still don’t understand how much cover I am going to get or have now.

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Don’t look at indicators, pay more attention to the geometry of the cover itself. Like half cover can be worse than just standing in an open but further away from the enemy. Cover like trees is pretty much non cover from any enemy that is more than 15 degrees to the side. Make it a habit to step out to take a shot or two and then go back into such position that even your own shots are not possible. Use Dash often, if you pump willpower you can use abilities on every turn and the game pretty much expect you to do so. I’m saying this because Dash allows you to finish or start turn from a complete cover - meaning no line of sight es even possible to your soldiers.

There is a way to avoid damaging or losing your weapons,l learned this from a YouTube channel switch to holding grenade or medkit at the end of the turn that should do the trick

A good tip, but unless you’ve placed the gun in your backpack - then it’s going to be tagged as an exploit, and another balance issue to be patched.

Which it is… and it’s also creating player busy work just for the sake of it, rather than balancing the actual issue, but until that fix happens I guess it’s all we’ve got.

Switching weapons before end of turn, just to switch them back next turn is just cheesing the problem.
I would very much prefer to have a proper cover indication to see how much of my soldier’s body is in cover, and if his weapon is in cover or not.

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Yeah, switching weapons is cheesy, try to use corners instead, and not “just” full cover symbols, but instead break line of sight completely. That way most enemies will only get to fire a maximum if one time since they have to move first, and they might also spend their AP firing at a more distant target.

Yer, Switching weapons at the end of turn; if you are not using return-fire or over-watch, will solve your problem.

But full-cover and no line-of-sight is better.

Tip: You don’t need to be standing right next to full cover to take advantage of it, just as long as the large rock/wall/etc is going to be between you and your enemy, you are good.
ie standing in the middle of a room with full walls and a roof is always better than partial-cover.

PS: I really think that units should go prone when behind partial cover or maybe an option to neal/stand/prone should be introduced.

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What is actually hitting your weapons? It seems pretty rare in my experience. If it’s the launcher arms, I highly recommend shooting those off of the enemy before they can use them. Or mind controlling them and blasting their own team.

I’m mainly getting damaged from explosives, such as the guys with launcher arms comes around the corner, sees my team and drops two on them. It doesn’t help that the guy on the other side of the map is blowing me up as well. I just think with the issues my team are having that I’d be able to research stronger weapons, or have the field tech ability cover them as well.

Getting under a building with a roof will help with the bomb chirons

Some crab definitely broke my living gun. I’m glad I didn’t pay for the DLC :smiley:

This is some really bad game design. Carrying multiple weapons? What a joke

Destroying weapons can be a good tactical choice. Sometimes, the gun has less armor than the foe.
So being a victim of this tactic is not irrelevant.

But maybe we could have a choice to repair some stuff after the missions : when the devs put a unique weapon in game, it’s sad to see it destroyed by a random grenade :stuck_out_tongue:

Weapon durability should be increased- maybe add more durability versus explosions- and add a chance to also damage items in backpack and secondary slots to reduce the temptation to cheese weapons out at the end of a turn.

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I just think explosives shouldn’t destroy weapons at all, personally. They’re way TOO good at it. Perhaps making them stronger in general would be enough though.

I think weapons being destroyed by normal firepower is fine, and a perfectly adequate strategy

Yep. Destroying weapons should be a choice. Explosives breaks limbs and strips armor, but if you want to neutralize a weapon, shoot at it.
Anyway there’s somebody behind it, so bullets won’t be lost :smiley: