Couple of questions about new mechanics?

Hello good people. So I’m travelling around building fuel stations and scavenging what I can occasionally saving a haven and entering a creepy alien hive.

  1. How do I get/deploy my manticore vehicle? I can’t understand it from the UI.

  2. The food and tech resources, what do they do? Have they been implemented yet or are they just there for show?

  3. How do I recruit new soldiers?

  4. Am I the only one who has serious performance issues with havens?

Maybe read manual? It is 3rd option in main menu after game launch. Btw you didn’t read screen pop up after you clicked “New Game”?

I too would like to know how to recruit more men or make an armadillo. It does not say how to in the faq or help thing at all.

on the Geoscape, when you select one of your bases, there will be a series of icons along the bottom of the screen. One of those will be to build a Armadillo for 400 materials. You can also come across them in PP bases across the world.

Another one of the icons will be to recruit a soldier for I think 100 food. You’ll get one of the 4 classes at random this way

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Thanks I got it all now

Click on the help it does explain if you look carefully, basically, 100 food for soldier, 20 tech + 400 materials for an armadillo and you build copies of items you collect in your homebase by clicking on the icon below, everything is done at the homebase, collecting loot you scavenged, building stuff, the fuel depots and radar bases are just to get you around. Hope that helps.

400 materials seems an almost impossible price when most missions only give 50 mats…wish we could breakdown excess guns or grenades + other random items for more materials.

If they can fix the haven missions you can just graft your way through you do get 200 at the beginning, …very early access this. Also you do know that you get additional resources, very slowly, by forwarding time right?

Yes. But as you said, it’s very slow and it’s a very little amount. I hope they increase it or allow fuel to last longer or something…