Some help for a noob


My last run i failed for a lack of resouces, i had about 20 soldiers, not fully equipped and only 2 manticore with starting phoenix weapon.
Too many air combat, base defense and haven defence to manage with these resources so i started new run.
I know that before multiple patch a best way to get resources was raids to the other factions but I never liked it so i ask if you can provide me some suggestions.
I stopped to play before ancient DLC, now i have game with all DLC except living weapon.

I saw that now game requires more resources due to air combat but i have no idea to have them, scavenge mission are not enough.
I saw also that now to have more bases is essential because behemoth can spam/attack in places not reachable.

I completed Xcom1/2 with expansion to classic/ironman difficulty but i have serious problem to manage this game due to the fact it is larger, more build, more object.

For build:
.heavy → i know that a good build is with assault and meele attack, is there another valid build, not meele or with sniper?
.assault → i like it with Tech to use with turrets and with infiltrator to use spiders, are they viable?I use it also with heavy to give it granade launcher.
.sniper → i have not idea which class to use with it.

I’m playing veteran.

Please help me!

One doesn’t need 20 soldiers on veteran. One can manage pin Veteran with 16 at the most. Hit every POI you can. Concentrate on a smaller are of the globe. Don’t over spend leave materials in the bank.

yep. Don’t spend when you don’t really need something. This is not XCOM where you prepare equipment for future squads.

Quick tips:

  • Explore a lot.
  • Get second aircraft ASAP.

More descriptive:

  • Use one drophsip for exploration and second for most fights.
  • And in the case of fights - try to get to all haven defences you can, they reward you nicely. Of course to see all these haven defences to be available to you you need explore places.
  • In the meantime you will find scavenging sites. Leave them for later if you don’t feel powerful enough to get all resources in boxes and all items from crates. These missions give really nice income.
  • postpone DLC missions as long as you can. They will be easier later in the campaign for you and you will activate all annoying mechanics later, so you will have more time to prepare.
  • you need like 2 or 3 aircrafts for air combat, just remember to use Disengage “wisely” and they will combat any flying enemy.

In addition to other advices, I think it it worth noting you should not try to save the whole world. Behemoth will destroy some havens beyond your reach and that is OK; the resource burn is real but the sense of pressure is somewhat artificial. Don’t expand to far just to reach Behemoth flyers you’re not able to shot down anyway yet.

Thanks for the suggestions, questions on the aircraft and soldiers, do you suggest to steal a aircraft to save resouces?
For the soldiers, is it better to take them from other heavens to have them fully equipped?

It is faster and less resource demanding, but kind of dangerous way. I don’t follow this path, but some players find it right to do that, to have some advantage over Pandorans.

I wouldn’t advise that unless you have a lot of resources and you really need this soldier class. I prefer to use Phoenix Project recruits and partly equip them with what I have got in storage. It is cheaper this way. Soldiers for example don’t need to have full armor to fight. Sometimes even single weapon with good effective range is enough.