Need a bit of help

I have no doubt it here somewhere, I cant fin it though.

How do I increase materials/food/tech? Cant seem to build anything but Radar at base?

Find ammunition levels crazy, run out every fight? Is that right?

Well actually there is no written guide here on the forum (except links for pdf). But you have it in game menu. :slight_smile:

3 ways of increasing tech/materials/food:

  • Defend havens which are under attack. They will reward you with some of those resources (most common source of resources)
  • Find scavenge mission where you need to defend resource crates. What will be left and not destroyed by aliens you will gather in form or resources.
  • During haven defence missions rob crates, then you can salvage items you don’t need.

Small tip to the first point. After you sucessfuly defended haven there is alien base revealed. Don’t destroy that base unless it produces crabmen with machine guns+grenades or just with grenades but armored (more than 12 HP) or until it becomes lair or citadel. If you will leave it then it will constantly generate missions and thus constant source of resources and XP for your soldiers.

From buildings you can only build radars and you do it in Geoscape interface. But when you enter squad roster and you will open soldier inventory there you have icons to produce more items. You just need to click some item and there you go. There will be simple production menu for that item and it’s ammunition (it it has one).

EDIT: Oh and for lack of ammunition. Don’t spam enemy with your gunfire. Use free aim to manually set where you want to shoot (use mouse wheel or z/c keys combination - you will also see your hit chance then). When there is less than 50% chance to hit (enemy is only in the inner ring) don’t shoot. There are also skills which let you save ammo:

  • Bash - every soldier has it, when you are close to enemy approach him and use that melee attack. It is quite strong and can be used many times per turn (just watch to not destroy your weapon in the process)
  • Body slam - Heavy class have charge option with his maximum range equal to his current moment range. It is really powerful if you fill his inventory with some heavy gear.
  • deploy, retrieve and redeploy again turret - it will have infinite ammo in this way and it is really powerful toy
  • well there are also vehicles which have ammo replenished after missions, but they are not so effective as 4 experienced soldiers