Couple of bugs I noticed in my most recent play of BB3

Hey guys! I posted this on Reddit as well (, where I also posted some questions and suggestions I hope the dev team looks at, but most directly relevant to you guys, here are some bugs I’ve noted from what I’ve played.

1: My soldiers disappear under their helmets, I sent a bug report about it but here’s a pic of what I’m talking about:

You can see how it’s just a helmet floating in empty air XD

From my video:

1: I dunno if it’s just them, but the alien turn kind of hangs on the mindfraggers. Not totally, but they just sit there doing their :wiggle: for a little bit.

2: Check out the video from 53:02 onwards. As you can tell, after I get the second Manticore, the game stops unless both ships are in motion, even though I only have troops on one of them. It’s kinda annoying :stuck_out_tongue: There should be a way to keep the Geoscape going even while one ship is at base like in the Oldcoms, though I suppose that will certainly change as base building and management is more heavily implemented.

3: Random question, but is the display for shotguns quite right? I didn’t use them in this playthrough but I remember in a previous one, it said they only had 4 stars of damage and 1 shot per burst, but regularly did 15 points of damage to crabbies. I can go back and try to get pics if you want or if no one has mentioned it aside from me yet.

In general, I’m quite happy with the progress, though personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s another delay…bug-hunting is an onerous task, and all the ones we’ve found at this early stage are likely to be omnipresent as more and more stuff is added! But that’s personal thoughts. For now, the geoscape music alone has made me feel like I got my money’s worth :smiley:

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Hi, about your 2 :

You can click the play button to make the time run, if not wrong, even hitting space bar gets the job done.

THO i dont have two planes so not sure if it doesnt work the same way, but i think time is just auto stopped (center right side of the screen) when any plane hits the destination. Can you try it out?



I’ll see if that works, thanks!

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Heavy has a goggles in his helmet - you can’t see his face.

  1. You have 1 shot (verb), but in that shot there are like 10 pellets calculated simultaneously and every one of them is doing 4 points of damage. So with one shot you can make up to 40 damage vs enemy with armour =0 , 30 vs 1 armour, 20 vs 2 armour, etc… Because of spread not all of them hit enemy, so you have that something like 15 damage. :wink: And you can fire up to 4 times. So there are 4 slugs with 10 pellets in them that is why game say that weapon has 40 ammo. :wink:
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