Corruption node, are u sure is fine?

the position of the Corruption node during the quest to free anu from mind control is a frigging box with no opening to fire, his blast it’s just OP af can u just do something normal for once? Always exagerated stuff and nerf of the cheese mechanics that come in the aftermath and it’s all your doing, no one asked for. After nearly 2 years and 1hand melee weapons need 2 AP to humans. Tyr as it stand it’s the worst weapon in the game.

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I have fought this enemy around 4 times and never had a problem with it.
Try using the Heavy class Warcry on it, and discharge some Paralizys status on it to lower it’s AP count, render it useless.

Also for melee class, Blood And Titanium Vengeance Torso reduces the melee AP by 1 to a minimum of 1 … Best hybrid for this is a Soldier / Heavy with Reckless + C.Q Combat perks … you start to one shot most units with 1 AP, and get 2 back with Soldier last ability. I’ll leave the rest for you to find out.

you should try to put a soldier near him and see what happen, then you can realize how crazy can be, plus i like to play it avoiding as much as possible cheese mechanics, they will suffer a nerf soon or later. Every patch or DLC it’s a step forward and 3 back, devs are surely competent, the potential of Phoenix Point it’s insane, but the decision made to improve the game most of the time are bad.

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I shoot once at it and step out of sight.

Took no effect from the blast.

Don’t just stand in front of it! The thing has an area affect attack with a radius that’s about the size of the room it’s in. If you just stand there it will massacre you - and that’s on you.

The way to fight it is run in, fire, then run back out of its range again.

TBH, once you’ve figured out what its range is, it’s really easy to take down without taking any damage at all.

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Sounds a lot like the clown car “exploit”. Just without the car. :wink:

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Well, it definitely makes it very easy to take down once you’ve figured it out, and cleared all the enemies around it.

This really isn’t a very dangerous enemy if you apply a bit of tactical sense to the situation. You just have to make sure you’re out of its strike range by the end of your turn.