Poison damage is OP

So I was rolling a new game, testing my mods. Playing on legend. Went into the first mission, got Syn. I had no real issues with the Snipers and their pistols, but what I later found out was there was an infiltrator there. I had to be practically standing on it just to see it. But the poison damage it dealt was ridiculous. In one turn it shot my Heavy several times, dealing negligible damage, but stacked up almost 400 poison! So of course the start of my turn, the Heavy gets one-shot by poison.

I’ve never used poison weapons because the damage it deals is usually garbage. I’ve never seen a poison weapon stack up so much so quickly. Unless I just found a bug or something, Poison is now the #1 OP damage to me. Bypasses armor, one-shots at the start of their turn. In the famous words of Ryan George, super easy, barely an inconvenience.

It IS powerful! But there’s a big downside: The only weapon that deals poison damage, the Psyche Crossbow, has 3 shots/magazine.
Actually you didn’t get hit by one Infiltrator, that had to be at least four. The Psyche deals 40 Poison/hit, if you ran into an Infiltrator trap you’d be taking at best 120 Poison from each so… You honestly just got REALLY GANGED, any weapon ganging on you like that would have deleted your unit.

Still, yes, Poison damage is extremely powerful but hard to use and, provided you don’t get mobbed like that, easy to fix.

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yeah I think a mod I’m running buffs the poison damage dealt, there was only one Infiltrator on the mission. I was stretching it saying 400, it was more like 320. Still, far more than the amount of HP my soldiers have.

Synedrion first is rough on legend if you don’t know what to expect. It’s always 1 infiltrator. The new Jerico mission can hit just as hard. If I get them as very first, I skip them till I gained a level doing other missions.

Synedrion is definitely the worst from all 3 starting missions.

  • Chiron with worms on DoA mission is easy to kill, you just need to dedicate soldiers to kill worms with Bash.
  • Priest on NJ is also managable if you don’t split your soldiers too much and focus fire on him.
  • But with Infiltrator on Syn mission you need to pay attention to not stay in the open and kill that guy as soon as possible in close range having someone with medkit to heal the victim of infiltrator’s attack.

So you first write this:

and then you admit this

Interesting conclusions for using mods and good reason to create a topic! :wink:

I figured that out after he said that damage was too high. Checked my mods and found out what was causing it. Removed it.

Still, poison damage is OP. It’s fairly easy to stack enough of it so that no matter how much armor someone has, they’ll take a ton of poison damage.

So don’t allow them to stack it. :slight_smile:

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How is that any different from bursting enemies down with direct damage ? You even delay the kill by using poison, exposing yourself to further damage. Poison is the last thing that is OP in this game.


I’ve always found poison to be fairly weak personally, keep in mind this game is burst heavy…and something has to either kill or disable a unit on the turn of application. so the effectiveness of poison over its full duration is moot

and I can’t say the 90 or so damage per AP from the poison crossbow is that impressive against panda’s, its on par with the standard AR. against the player, well getting thumped by that can kill a trooper fast, but so can being blown up by NJ rockets. and NJ rockets rip off limbs that cannot be replenished by medkits…a specific class, mutation or vehicle is needed to fix that problem.

I’d say try to acquire the poison tech yourself, and try getting good use out of it. in my experimentation, poison never really fared that well. granted, not terrible…it can deal a significant chunk of damage…but other statuses, usually performed better.