Purple dripping athron?

Ok so in yhe middle of a base defense i killed 2 arthrons and the following turn they came back alive with 500 hp, purple, dripping(???), And with only the pincer(even though if you look at them they have a grenade launcher and a spitter head)

Is this a new weird thing im unaware of?

Edit:I took a photo and it failed to update and is now lost forever…

Edit2: so turns out its part of the Lota DLC if anyone else was wondering

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Correct. Nasty surprise!

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Definitely ! It was a massacre !

That a a rude surprise the first time I encountered one! Now keep an incendiary grenade handy, torching the spot it is preparing to re-spawn on gets rid of it. Alternative (most recent battle) two guys with the LOTA shredding shotguns on overwatch worked out nicely also.

I have an assault with strongman and a deceptor
Easily deals over 500 damage

Just get up close and put overwatch over the dead body and problem solved