Corrupted Horizons - performance issue

After update to Corrupted Horizons I’m having a short freezing entering to the free aim mode.
And in general, the game began to respond to mouse clicks with a small delay.
My Configuration:
CPU i7 10700
SSD Crucial CT525MX
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060
Monitor Samsung U32J592UQU

Confirmed, and it’s not the DLC, it’s the free update.

I mentioned DLC, because it came together with main update (I ordered after main update).
Now I see that I’m not alone.

Same issue here.

I’ve update graphic card driver - aiming is better, but stell not normal. Btu, for example, clicking OK after mission complete - can take 1 sec… very noticeable

I can confirm that runs way worse than before the patch. Hope they can fix it soon, it’s a bit annoying.


good to know at least im not alone

Confirmed as well. New, severe framerate hitches happen every time I pass the free aim cursor over an enemy, but also at various other moments such as merely opening the pause menu, or even in the geoscape sometimes.

I suspect some UI thing is causing the performance hitches somehow, since that’s the main thing present in all of these cases.

Intel core i9, 32 GB; RTX 2070; Lags here too, especially when aiming.

Definitely a problem since Hypnos V1.13

Both PC’s up to date Win 10.
Both Nvidia 472.12
Game installed via Epic Games Launcher.

PC 1
I7 5830K
Titan X Maxwell
Samsung NVME

PC 2
I7 2600k

Identical problems on both PC’s:

Interface lag.
Load/Save delayed by tens of seconds if not minutes.
Low framerates.
Input lag.
Pretty much unplayable right now.

Same here. About everything lags in quite major way. Before the latest patch game was very fluid and after the patch not enjoyable. Something quite profound must be broken in the engine, please fix.
i7 6700K/Win10/32 GB/GTX 1660 Super.

Same here!

Same here. Longer loading times, lags and micro freezing in free aim mode and during gameplay.

I confirm. Freez are there after the last update
16gb DDR4
RTX 3060

This game ran like a dream and was buttery smooth pre update, now it really has a host of problems. I have a decent pc and have reinstalled and verified all files.

i9 10850, 32Gb ram, Rtx3080.

Loading, or saving files and accessing menus are glitchy and take a considerable time longer than before.

In combat, jet packs and rockets can launch without button presses, while just moving the aim cursor.

Zooming in to aim is really janky too, explosions, fire and smoke are not smooth like before.

Would also be nice if the in game Phoenixpedia hadn’t chopped off the top line of text explaining what ‘corruption’ does to infected soldiers. Difficult to react to the new mechanics if that photo blocks out the text.

This might sound a bit dumb, but it worked for me and everything has returned to normal.

  1. Look at your saved games list ingame (Load Game Menu).
  2. Delete all the oldest saves (there were many old saves in my list that were no longer compatible with the current game version)
  3. I reduced mine to around 20 saves.
  4. Close game and allow EGS to cloud sync.

Launch and play.

I heard that this is more of a Unity problem, not the game… But I may be wrong.

I’ve deleted only one my save of non-supported version - nothing changed.

I have a vague memory that at launch this game had an issue with the quantity of game saves affecting game performance. The more saves you kept the worse it got. Can’t find a link to back that up now.

I deleted about 35 saves (not just non-supported ones) and left around 15-20. You may still have too many saves or an entirely different problem.

I have only 4 + autosave