Controls/direct keys for abilities?

Have this issue ever been examined?

It would be nice to have specifik abilities tied to number keys, say press “1” for “Quick Aim”, “2” for “Marked for Death” - especially if you could customize you keybindings to each of your soldiers like in many a computer roleplaying game.

Do you all just flail away with the mouse for every activation of an ability?

I have set up, so I press “Space” to “Activate ability” which by default I think is “Standby” (??) - then i press “F” (my own keybinding I think) to choose “Next ability” until desired one is ready and then press “Space” again to activate said ability.
Personally I think it is easier to make a few key-press than moving mouse all the time.

But then … it is also a lot of key-pressing. Because after “Standby” you have “Bash” which is an important ability for sure, but for snipers I use “Quick Aim” a whole lot more often!!! “Reload” is in between there as well iirc.

Maybe it would be a better option to have all the “Standard” abilities/those shared for all soldiers on the left off “Standby” just like “Evac” when that is available and then class-specific like “Qucik Aim”, “Dash”, “Jump” etc. as “Next abilites” - if anyone can follow my drift here … You are most likely to use class-specific ablities for a given soldier more often.

Bottomline - I think the Tactical UI can be greatly improved. With all the hours I spend on the game it would be really nice. Or are there some options I haven´t discovered??

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Fully agreed, as it would speed up the gaming significantly and make gameplay more elegant. Mouse is nice, but old school players like it fast via keyboard.

I imagine its not that hard to do - so added to votable ticket of hotfixes badly needed

Even I imagine it deserves one of its own

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