Changing keybinds in the game or out of the game?

Hey, i started playing the game and noticed that the keybinds used are set-up using a qwerty keyboard in mind, however i’m using an azerty one. Is it possible to change the keybinds cause right now i’m being forced to use the xbox controller, and for a game like this i would prefer point and click style, whilst using keybinds to act a fair bit quicker


I agree…
As it stands, the game is unplayable with an AZERTY keyboard layout ; the same keys are used for pairs of antagonistic actions (like to move camera and to rotate camera) !!!

From what I have played the game has the feel of being a gem, but what’s this? NO key-binding.
I mean, come on, are you really going to soil what looks to be a great game with such a trivial necessity?

Why on earth is there no key-customization? I have even seen posts that point to the fact that the backers build did have key-customization, so why remove it for release? It just doesn’t make sense.


I really hope this is some kind of last-minute bug. The game is superb but the missing keybinding is just really PITA. I can understand the frustration of ppl using azerty layout as that must be wild. I am on qwerty so not that crazy for me but still i’d like to rebind keys and change scroll behavior in tactical missions.

Fix this please !

lololol came on and created an account just to say that it’s crazy talk you can’t change keybindings, good to see I’m not the only one and this is the top thread :joy:


same for me, unbelievable!

Is there any news on this ?

The game is still unplayable on AZERTY keyboard 20 days after launch. This is simply unbelievable !

Even the most basic one man team game has this feature. I simply don’t understand how you missed this.

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One smelly patch and a hotfix to fix the smelly patch. That’s your lot.

You may be able to change keybindings in your registry. For some reason that’s where unity puts stuff you’d normally find in an UE ini file.