Hotkeys for skills

This may be a case of ignorance but so far i have not found hot keys for solder skills (ie; overwatch with o). If this is not a current feature of the game i think it should be.

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The default key for overwatch is Y - but for some reason it isn’t working. The interface will be configurable though.


I agree with you, hotkeys are important – and I also have moved your thread from the Lore section to the Game Feedback section.

My experience of yesterday was that the actions correspond to the number keys (so, 1 thru 8). Tapping it once selects the skill, tapping it again activates it.

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What definitely need addressing is the shooting hotkeys though. You are (probably) going to be using simple firing most of the time. But this skill is not only on the oposite side of keyboard, but the number always changes according to the weapon and would change whenever soldier gains a new skill etc. I could not suppress my habit from FiraXcom and kept pressing β€˜1’. Switching soldier and weapon abilities panel to make this constant would work. Or assigning it a permanent hotkey - β€˜F’ to fire.

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Yes, the current solution is bad. For some soldiers the hotkey to fire is 7, for others 8.

β€œF” to fire would be a great solution. And press β€œF” again to shoot!

alternatively, the firing skill could always be the #1 icon?


also, how do people feel about actually displaying the skill numbers? I know its not necessary, and complicated by having to show the willpower cost, but I feel it could be a nice visual aid

I want β€œI” to be the hotkey to immediately bring up the inventory, rather than having to click two or three times.

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