QoL Suggestion taking from NuCom

This game will compare to NuCom a lot, and a lot of NuCom player will be playing it. I feel that there’re some QoL stuff and keybinding that can be share between the two as a lot of them already are shared.

  1. Allow us to tab (or switch) to another solider during movement of one, which is to speed things up.

  2. Allow us to use spacebar (or any other hotkey) to confirm an action. This is mainly use for grenade throwing or rocket launching to prevent the mouse “slipped” and throw on the wrong spot.

  3. Q&E 45 degree camera instead of 90 degree. This is a very popular mod in XCom2 and it helps to see clearly and make better judgement especially in clustered area. In XCom2 there is no chance of friendly fire, but in Phoenix Point, friendly fire can happen which makes this much more important.

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45° turning is already being worked on/already planned, as per dev comments yesterday on Discord.

Personally I am not a member of the dev team, so I cannot comment on what else they might have planned, but I like the spacebar to confirm suggestion… I generally do not like the NuCom-comparisons and the wish to make this game NuCom-like, because I feel that Phoenix Point has so many unique things that it is so much more than “like NuCom”, but in the end, the devs will have to decide how much they want to accomodate fans and players of other IPs.

Give us free rotation camera instead of some xx°… and by free I mean like in BattleTech by HBS.

This game will differentiate itself with unique game mechanic.

Simple QoL and keybinding should be roughly the same across the same genre, eg. you use T and G for zoom in and out, Q and E to rotate camera. These are stuff that most user would expect to be similar, if not identical and will complain if it is missing.

Well, I agree with you to a point – the point being: if you can’t find a better solution, use the one everyone knows already; but if you can find that, improve on the Status Quo, then by all means please do so! :tophat:

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I agree with you, free camera rotation is very usefull

I agree with that, and with what I’ve seen so far, I am hopeful to see a better solution!

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Just to add a little bit more details here. The reason I want the possibility to switch to another person while another is moving because at the end of the day. If you have 8 solider on the field, it will take a very long time to just watch them cover some space.

I really hope this will be a thing, or a better version of this. but the grit is that we need to be able to do others thing instead of just watching soldiers moving forward.

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I think you’ve misunderstood. People don’t want Phoenix Point to be just like Xcom. However there are very clear similarities between Phoenix Point and Xcom, so it’s inevitable that they’ll be compared to each other. It’s like people comparing Call of Duty and Battlefield. They’re both shooters, have similar controls, objectives, play-styles etc. but they’re clearly different games. It’ll be the same with Phoenix Point and Xcom. People just want controls that feel familiar and that are easier to grasp due to having used them before for a very similar game.

I would encourage the devs to take hints from Xcom on what worked well so that Phoenix Point can be the best game they can make it. There’s nothing wrong with embracing the innovations of competitors and building on them to make an even better game. Xcom’s modding community is a particularly good resource for developers looking to make a tactical game like Phoenix Point or Xcom since it’s full of all the ideas the player-base would like to see. It might even be worth the devs contacting some modders, like the people behind Xcom’s extremely popular ‘Longwar’ mods.

  1. is already there. Sort of. There is not a dedicated confirm key, but pressing the said ability key again results in confirmation.
    But yes, I found myself pressing spacebar waay to often.

NuCom means new Xcom, the firaxis xcom?

Yes. (character limitation)

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+1 on the recommendation to allow tabbing between units while another is moving. I thought it was a great “quality of life” aspect of the new XCOM that kept things moving fast.

This is something that is planned, just not implemented yet.


As I’ve said elsewhere:

It’s currently too easy to lose track of weapon ammunition. I’ve seen multiple streamers fail to notice their weapons were dry until they tried to fire.

A flashing red gun icon to display empty weapons would help.

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