Controller menu ui bugs

These are some ui bugs ive encountered while playing with an xbox one controller.

When you have alot of things available to research and alot of items to scroll through to manufacture and when you are selecting which soldier class to assign as the soldiers cross class rank 4 ability(once you have more then 3 to choose from) the menu’s have alot of trouble scrolling up and down, stopping and sometimes not even being able to be scrolled at all with the controller.

Also, sometimes when choosing which structures to build in a base, after selecting a plot and attempting to assign which building to create the pop up tab will keep vanishing over and over, forcing you to grab and use the mouse.
This doesnt always happen… Im not sure what causes it this one to happen.

Also, one additional controller bug. When first selecting rage burst the ui for the crosshair sometimes does not show up, forcing you to swap back and forth between abilities in order to get it to pop up.
Not sure if this is the case with other abilities as well. But i know it happens alot with rage burst.

In the UFOPedia (forget what it is called in this game) you cannot scroll at all using the right stick, even though the window has right stick scroll prompts on it.