Game breaking scroll issue

Hello team i have encountered a scroll bug i cant play the game because it just immediately brings my camera to the far corner of the map and when i get to personnel tab i just keeps spinning my guys i also tried using a game pad so in an attempt to problem solve i tried uninstalling and reinstalling 4 times and restarting my computer i had this bug since first boot and i just cant seem to get past it i have searched the forum’s to see if this has plagued others but it doesn’t seem a prevalent bug and not being tech savy i couldn’t tell if it has anything to do with my computer settings or files of the backer builds wich never gave me this problem and i uninstalled bb5 before my first install of the full game

Have you tried with the controller unplugged?

I had a similar issue where the game constantly scrolled down and fixed that by disabling the use of controllers in the options (I didn’t have a controller attached to the pc).

Thank you for that i only pluged in the controller when i wanted to test it and unplugged it afterwards but disabling the controller setting worked for me thanks again