Congrats, Snapshot! You made it on to Bellular News!

Another YouTuber with 55,000 subs has weighed in on the switch to Epic, and the words “scummy” are thrown around rather liberally! Mr. Gollop, here is some more of that backlash you ordered! At this point, the community feedback is more entertaining than the game could ever be.popcorn%20nibba

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I think you didn’t saw the video. It weights both sides of this story, and even understands Gollop’s perspective. Trying to turn this into a bring-me-my-popcorns fireworks display is not making anyone any favors.

Hey, I can understand how you feel betrayed and upset about all of this, but you’re being kind of toxic right now.


You are too kind, sir. Too kind.

If you think defining the actions of Snapshot as, and I quote, “a scummy as hell move” is somehow balanced and not popcorn worthy, I doubt there is much we will agree on.