Confused about DLCs - please clarify

I purchased the Ultra edition on Epic. In the Epic store, “DLC 2 - Legacy of the Ancients” and “DLC 3 - Festering Skies” are marked as “OWNED”. My understanding is that they are not out yet. No problem. I’m in no hurry.

But now I keep reading about this “Danforth” DLC. Where does it fit in all this? Was “Legacy of the Ancients” renamed? Is Danfortht “DLC 1.5”?

I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering about this…

Thanks in advance for any information!

Danforth is just the name of the upcoming patch (a la previous patches like Dunwich, Derleth, Leviathan, Miskatonic, etc.) so will be freely applied to all games, DLC or otherwise, rather than being ‘DLC’ itself :slight_smile:

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Aaaaaah! Thank you so much for this clarification. It was driving me insane!

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Ha! Just saw the update on PP site regarding the upcoming update. It’s all looking great! Can’t wait for the new and improved scavenging missions.