Complete Game Without Losing a Haven?

Hello All,

I am currently playing the base game on Xbox. I am an experienced XCOM player that beat Enemy Unknown and Enemy Within on Impossible Ironman without losing a soldier, country or satellite. A lot of luck and many new game starts were needed to do that! Anyway, I’d like to tackle this game the same way with self-imposed restrictions to make it a little more difficult. I have beaten it on Normal difficulty and want start on a Legendary game. My goal here is the same, do not lose a single soldier AND not lose a single haven. While I believe it is fairly feasible to beat the game on Legendary without losing a soldier, I believe that it may be impossible to not lose a single haven. The sheer number of havens, the rapid progression of the pandoravirus and the number of bases to activate with satellite coverage along with needing multiple aircraft just seem to be too much to overcome. To the experienced players and/or developers, is it even remotely possible to not lose a haven on Legendary?


When you have DLC3 (Festering Skies) enabled then Behemoth is destroying havens - and you can’t do anyhting about it. So with that DLC it is impossible task to do. But without that DLC… who knows. Maybe? But you would need to get really good position on start, good RNG with resources sources, and properly place aircrafts with soldiers to be able to try that.

I have tried this. There were a couple things:

  1. You need to prioritize building Manticore so you can deploy at the far-flung base(s) where the Mist is starting. You should be able to keep up as long as your original team gains resources somehow. The bases are usually too scattered to be able to fly there from Phoenix Point.

  2. You can only initially recruit from Phoenix recruits, which limits team make up sometimes. A scarab or such doing initial scouting could open up some haven recruits at the new location.

  3. I found, for the most part, the teams never paid for themselves. There were never enough haven defenses or scavenging missions to generate what it cost to build the team. Mostly they explored a bit and then sat. The number of havens can be very few in some parts of the world.

  4. The teams also never really levelled up very far by the end of January when the Pandoran heavies start hitting.

It was always a tempting way to play. Possible. But by no means easy.

As my buddy above mentioned, the havens destroyed by the Behemoth don’t count! You can’t stop that. There has to be some endless doom in the world!

And I’d add one more:

  1. If you do have the Behemoth active, you need 2-3 airships THERE to deal with the things that come out of it. So that’s more pressure on ship acquisition.

Now thats an ambitious goal. I haven’t tried this before but I’ll share my thoughts anyways.
(as Yokes mentioned → do not play with “Festering Skies” otherwise this will be impossible. Also with fighting so many battles in areas covered with mist, you might want to turn off “Corrupted Horizons” as well)

You’ll need a lot of phoenix bases all around the world and a lot of aircrafts with capable soliders.

Getting lots of Aircrafts will require lots of reccources. So my proposition is to steal them. Probably from NewJericho havens because I think their aircraft is probably the best one overall. However if you realise, that you get to the havens to late, you might want to prefer the Synedrion aricraft.
The Manticore would probably be best for this kind of challenge but as I said its expensive to produce and with activation a lot of bases and equipping a lots of soliders I just dont how you could have spare reccources to build mulitple aircrafts.
The main problem with this is idea is probably that you will sour your relations with one of the factions and you might not be able to build it up quickly enougth to be able to see their havens and if you dont see a haven, you cant defend it. So you might fail the challenge without even noticing it until later on when you find the already destroyed haven.

Getting the Phoenix bases should be fairly easy however I’d recommend not to get all of them. Only get as many as you need.

Getting lots of good soliders can be hard as well. My intitial idea is to try and go for a couple of scarabs early on. While the scarab is usually not worth leaving three other soliders at home I think in this scenario where you probably cant equip all of your soliders anyways the scarab could prove to be very usefull.
However if you are getting Synedrion aircrafts you’ll only be able to carry two soliders + the scarab. For harder haven defence missions this wont be enough I think.

So far my main idea of approching this.

Other tips:
Always go for pandoran colonies as soon as possible to minimize the ammount of attacks.
If you are playing with the “blood and titanium” dlc you might want to try and take out the Pure quickly as well to get rid of their attack entirely (however their attacks are usually not as strong as pandoran ones)
Have a medical bay and living quarters in most of your bases to recover your soliders.
I’d recommand putting a heavy in every aircraft later on to be able to use warcry against chirons, sirens and snipers.

Good luck :wink:

I agree that Scarab early on is life saving. But having too many of them would be waste of resources. In my opinion it is easier to get 3 soldiers and give them just main weapon with spare magazine and medkit. Armors are not necessary if you play carefully.