Finally trying to get into this, a few questions?

I have the blood and titanium DLC but I’m waiting on my first playthrough to see if I get the current DLC.

  1. There are a real lot of haven defence missions. Presumably you just have to pick a faction or 2 and let the other burn?

  2. The difficulty has been reduced a lot on Veteran or more specifically it seems more fair, would you consider veteran to be too easy for someone who is pretty good at this kind of game?

Xcom 2 Ironman/ Commander without a problem, although this seems much more complex.

  1. Would you recommend a first complete playthrough is fine without the latest DLC? With the three factions I’m sure there is replayability?

  2. Any kind of guide to the campaign aspect?

For example, you need to build this and this is a good starting research.

  1. Anyone else get odd bug (the only so far) when trying to read the phoenixopedia where the text does not fit in the box?


I suppose that after reaching supportive relation you can let one or two factions burn, but it will bring loosing condition closer. Still on Veteran it shouldn’t be so meaningful.

If you plan to use any class and skill combination then even the highest difficulty level can be not enough. :wink: But I would suggest playing on Veteran as first playthrough, to see next what Legacy of the Ancients brings in (As it is little bit tedious with new content).

Yes. Replayability is not so dependant on factions you choose. More of a geoscape location and tech you choose to research.

Focus on finding routes between continents (remote base reacivation and satellite uplink help with this, also getting supportive with each faction).



Thanks again. I appreciate your help.

Actually, haven defense mission is one of your resource incomes, even if you are at war with this faction (that one you want to burn), if you defende the heaven mission, repair its facilities, if necessary, and then raid the protected haven, its a good resource income (more than for trading). You can get up to 1200 materials, 500 techs (maybe higher), 1000 food (maybe higher), 1000 science points per raid in addition to dropped equipment worn by the attacked faction.

If you don’t “overfarm” these 3 factions, you even could be allied with all 3 factions.

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Thanks. Still haven’t raided anything yet. Seems a bit hard on them. They seem to be having a hard time already.

Dont be emotional, especially you cant actually ally with all 3 fractions (max 2 per game). So feel free to raid chosen one for ships (expensive to build, better then yours) resources (life of your soldiers and ability to build things depends on it) and especially tech (its long way to full alliance and especially tech of those you dont ally with stay out of your reach).

Point is not survival of all, point is defending chosen allies to best of your abilities, and puting your survival, advancement and fiding source of allien infestation first!

Late in game you will have to let even distant and undefendable ally heavens go (once Pandoras go heavy and mutated).

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I just assumed that raids were if you were desperate for resources, which I’m not, yet (even though materials can be hard to come by).

Yeah I assumed that. Guess I’m going to have to break a few ties with New Jericho.

Shame. They do have the best looking armour and bases.

I mean I could attack Anu, there is something clearly wrong with them but I like food so…

And raiding Synidrion on a first play through seems… Wrong.

I think that it is possible to ally with 3 factions.

Theoretically yes. In practice, doing missions for one (especially non special ones, targeting other fractions) significantly lowers relations to opposite fraction. Early in game you do need someone to steal ships and tech from, otherwise development is quite slow. And in the end you are offered with several choices of leaders opinions where you have to get favour of some fraction and loose from some. So I never succeeded in more then 2, even I would ally 2 and then do my best to improve with “worsened” fraction including ripping off ex allies and defending their heavens. Its quite late to turn things over.

I’ve been very successful in fully getting all 3 factions on board. Haven Defense and taking out enemy bases is the key. Also not falling into the trap of raiding and sabotage as suggested by the factions.

Great. I was always a bit nasty and wanted things before its time. So defend em all, raid none, and you might get there!

Is there a certain percentage of reputation that you get for raiding or stealing stuff?

I personally would not speak to someone again if they stole my plane but I don’t live in a virus ridden, Cthtulu like apocalypse… Umm wait a sec.

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It is more like constant value, no matter what your relations are.

It informs you in the end you lose -15 relations with raided fraction (or stolen aircraft, research) per raid, not an easy thing to regain - destroying nest is plus 5 with all, I believe only defending that fraction heaven is quicker way. Or discovering some stuff they like, or giving good answers on their announcements, but its slower.

This is not longer the case, they have reduced it to -6 for the faction and -15 for the heaven (it was on -15 / -30 before). There is a canny suggestion about that weak reputation loss for these acts of war.

… +10 for Lairs and +15 for citadels with all faction, just to complete this :wink:

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Yup, I am part of it (Vojin Vidanovic) :slight_smile:

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