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it does not cost action points, only Will Points, and debuff a enemies in their turn , so rest of the rest team come closer and act, keep heavy safier, but depends on the situation

I see it magically as a “Cry-laxative” without spending AP (telepathy) and without causing Shock.

  • “In fact, the player’s 0AP = -3AP for 1-4 Enemy.”
  • "corrected" In fact, the player’s 1AP = -2AP for diameter 10 tiles (1-6 Enemy = 2-12AP).

Suppression of Will in -3WP in small area sounds more logical (they were scared).

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"information is out of date"

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Ehm … War Cry costs 1 AP … ?

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I see the problem with the heavy weapons in the soldiers’s mobility, if You want to shot (3AP), You are limited with 1AP to move, what can makes You to shot from heavy weapons once per 3 turns in combat, or even less

I do not want to bring heavy weapons to close to enemy, i want to allow to use heavy weapons more offently - but not too much

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Well, its wrong, this has changes in the past, now it is 1AP / 3WP:

Ingame picture (in German):


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Ehhh sorry, I was not sure, so I checked

and it says 0AP

My apologize,

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You got it right. In general, always put on sniper gear. For all classes. All others are second choice if you want to hit something. In this game there is no real “tank” that absorbs damage with armor when you are trying to be up front, as you would expect. It is not an RPG game. Equipment almost doesn’t matter, only DMG. If you stand too close you are simply dead. Better to nerf player activities instead of creating useful items. As always.

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If you have +% DMG skills, why is there no way to reduce incoming damage?
If so now.

There is a literal tank: APCs.

Beyond that, heavy armor is still quite useful against enemies with light weapons. In particular, it is nearly impervious to the virus rifle, and heavy armor troops tend to get passed over in targeting because enemy can’t really hurt them.

With the reduced accuracy and speed penalties, heavy armor definitely has its uses.


One typical move I do right at the start of a mission in the early game is to jump with my heavy into the unknown, mostly up of some buildings or towers. He is literally my first-turn-scout because the Assaults aren’t that fast in the beginning. If something is in range then I use War Cry and if not then I move the rest 1 AP to go further. In the second turn there is mostly something not too far away and I often use the new Autocannon before my Assaults come in to the fight. The Sniper, well, he snipes from the back, maybe right in the first turn but also often not because nothing is spotted.

This changed slightly in the later stages because the Assaults get incredible speed (at least as I skill them, speed first) and so they are the first I move and then I can select where to jump with my Heavy. But still he is mostly the one in the second turn that gets into a fight as first and also often with his gun.
The combination Heavy with heavy armor and heavy gun is not as bad as often described. Of course, from the 3 shot burst not all will land, but 1-2 are mostly hit and this is then often more damage than an Assault with his AR.
Of course I also bash very often because it is so strong, too strong in my opinion.

If I would have a 2AP ‘snapshot’, it would make my Heavy way more flexible. Very often there is just a bit more to move to get an angle to the enemy and I’m mostly already pretty close to them, the acc penalty would not be a problem but the 1AP more movement would bring me around a corner and then also maybe even back in to cover, this would be a dream especially in heaven defences.

Because the enemies are too strong and your equipment won’t matter much. So simple. I run almost naked in many games, with only a weapon. If I may say so. Only DMG counts. Forget all the crap with equipment. Doesn’t matter much. Just try it. You won’t see any difference.

How does a dead tank help you more than a sniper?

The Berserker has the skill “Close Quarter Evade” that does exactly that
Attacks from enemies within 10 tiles deal 25% less damage.

Would be a nice skill for a tanky heavy, as usual, for me there are some skills at the wrong places.
When you want to have a real bad ass close quarter specialist then dual class with berserker and go for it. I tried it and he really can take a punch and even gets faster and deals more damage with all the nicely skills from the Berserker + immunity to MC and no problems with disabled body parts.

Bad example, let’s take a close example from nuCOM: start armor = death.

I can not without pain, discuss the current balance of skills, the berserker half of the skills are “strange”.
here is my option(concept): Alteration of Berserk skills (Maniac)

Who says the tank is dead? The Armadillo can take a lot of punishment. More than enough to get you through most missions. If you’ve got a skilled tech, it’s even more survivable.

A sniper can’t carry close assault troops across the battlefield or carry loot.

As for the heavy, it can do what a sniper cannot: engage at close range. Properly designed, close assault teams are devastating.


Finished the game without having a single tank, why do I need a tank? Only for nostalgics. I just want to say that a tank is not absolutely necessary. In case there is a tank in the sense.

You won’t die in the game because of armor, if you say otherwise you’ve never really played the game long enough.

It depends hardly on the players style.
I can also say that Snipers are not absolutely necessary because I clean all the maps with my close quarter specialists and the Snipers are often pretty useless, especially in heaven maps.
In my actual campaign I have 14 soldiers and only 3 of them are Snipers and only 1 in my main team. Works nicely as always, 2-3 turns and almost any mission is over with some cleanup afterwards. A gameplay mostly based on Snipers is to lame for me, you have to wait that the enemies are coming out into the open, no chance to defend the objectives, it takes too long and so on … I tried this in the beginning and it is simply not my style.

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Each player chooses the “easiest” way to the goal. Sniper is the better and easiest way to play the game sufferable.To each his own, we have more experience and can exchange here. Nevertheless, I would argue that we can do without the tank except with a sniper gun.

Specifically in nuCOM, finishing the game in start armor is a challenge for the game’s experts.

This is a consequence of the poor balance in the current game design.