Alteration of Berserk skills (Maniac)

Berserker (Maniac) ( realistic/detailed representation)

  • +1WP for disabling limbs from the enemy, allows to use your disabled limbs for -2WP per turn

  • +10% (stack up to 30%) speed increase per kill (-10% and -2WP per turn) (on / off)

Frenzy = +X speed, No %

    • a) only 50% of the effect is negatively affected by the WP of the bers (min 1WP)
    • b) 1 time per battle does not immediately die (remains with 10% HP + stun, -2AP until the end of the battle)

*head disabled for people, -50% accuracy and -1AP every turn

for example - sniper:

extreme focus - overwatch gets “+15%” accuracy
master marxaman - cost 4AP/3WP, get double overwatch
(Girs Tactics has an interesting mechanic - the LOS overwatch makes you leave high cover)