Living Weapon - Chitin Armor

The DLC is enabled, but I can’t find the items in game - where are we supposed to find this stuff?

The don’t show in base inventory.

I’m pretty sure I started the game thru launcher and option was checked.

they are locked behind research projects, though I don’t know what ones

Dude. Thank you so much. That was super fast.

Though I am I wee bit disappointed that they didn’t give give you a cache of them with the Symes mission.

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Now Im curios, I also have DLC, but forgot what stuff that would come with it. Please enlighten me;)

Some weapons and Armor - I have no idea what quality they are or when to expect them. As KR sez, it’s a research thing.

I was wondering if anybody has figure out how to get the living armor and weapons set because I’ve been playing for a while I even beat the game but still haven’t found it or any type of mission that leads to it

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I also have beaten the game and did not encounter them.

same x) Game is over, never found them. I’ll love that they will be a little more easy to find. Honestly if it’s a random quest on some random spawned independant haven, it’s almost a robery xD

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Has anyone managed to manufacture more of the Chitin armor sets? I have finished the mission for armor long time ago (almost month of in game time), but I am stuck with this one set, no way of researching it like the other pieces of armor from other factions. I haven’t managed to finish the other mission for Living weapon, cause the location on the globe.
Can somebody confirm to me, whether it is possible to have more of these sets or there can be only ONE in game.

Don’t quote me but I recall hearing it was a one-off bonus item.