Cheeky Gnomes Restless World Cup 2018


Ok! We are getting ready to resume. The final tie-breaker between Tiger, Bejebus, and Roderic will be played live (hopefully), so we can get started next week maybe with the semi-finals. Teams of 2 were formed from the first stage placement: 1/8, 2/7, 3/6, 4/5. In a few cases, due to tie scores, it was necessary to use a random generator to determine order.

In the next few days I will post a link to the tournament on Challonge with the matches listed. It will be an extensive round robin & we will make an attempt to set up all the games for the stage at the same time.


Iod & (winner of tie-breaker)

Viking34 & Aka

Eidolon & Larkaa

GlasMasv & Bos5k


I see around Bejebus but Tiger is MIA. Let’s hope he will be this weekend around.

How long will it take to GlasMasv to be again with us?


Good question, Rod, I propose we wait few days and see, deadline is the next week, after, we will fill up the empty spots of the list’s bottoms :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Tiger and @Roderic proceed to the next stage


Who are you? Where I am? What year is it? Oh right! Okay -Challonge time!:couplekiss_woman_woman:
Thank you all dropouts for participating! :brain::handshake::brain::yellow_heart:


But I waaant to fight Tiger agaaain : (

Are we sure GlasMasv cannot make for the game? I hope he can be around soon.

edit: ok, I read him in the Discord channel.

Let’s proceed!


How is the order then?

Myself in lieu of Glas and Tiger as the tie break slot? Do we finish the game to set up the order? Random?


I think Aka was going to reorganize the teams so the order was not important from the playoff


Thanks for your patience everyone, we are ready to move forward and start the second stage:

2 v 2 round robin

Please report all scores back here and we will update the Challonge listing as we go. We are hoping to run this stage a little smoother than last, please make sure all games are setup and ready to go simultaneously.

Everything you need is here:

@Viking34 @Larkaa


Super nice site and fancy background.

Now my concerns… are we all the participants around? I haven’t seen Viking since some weeks ago.

Otherwise the world cup 2018 (now 2019?) can become a summer tournament


good point, idk. please everyone reach out and spread the news as you are able


Im on forum! I set up a game! Is that right? im so confused:)


hey Tiger! lol, no worries. Here’s what needs to happen:

  1. Follow the Challonge link a couple posts above this, there you will find the newly made brackets for all semifinal games, as well as team assignments (you and Viking are matched up together)

  2. Any battles with you and Viking listed on top are games that you are responsible for setting up now, each team should be responsible for setting up 3 games

  3. All battles should be setup on generated maps (plains, forest, palace, etc…your choice), 25 turns, 20 days per player

  4. Set your games up (ABAB) and invite the other participants, winners should report back the results here on the forum


Can we edit the challonge link into the OP please. Thanks muchly


I’m happy to but I can’t see how can I edit this! :sweat_smile:
Okie tomorrow morning I’ll do it a proper way, my bad and apologies! :grimacing:


click on the pencil doohicky below your post


Games hosted by Iod and myself are finally fine in the lobby. Previously there was a dread bug with only one wizard seen in the screen.

I started one, Iod was to start another and the third is waiting for Viking to confirm.


There’s none that’s the case! Needs be done another fresh with proper date too!


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