Cheeky Gnomes Restless World Cup 2018


ok cool got it


roger that


good copy.


Yes I’m playing - I just have no games to set up because my name never appears first.

I win round 4 (Larkaa/GlasMasv/Viking34), Larkaa died and Glasmasv forfeit it due to accidental misselection of gear.


Also, all of my remaining games are in progress.


Sorry, did not mean to offend. VERY good to have you even if you beat me to a pulp.


No worries at all, Pancetta

I win round 1 (Othrek/Larkaa/Viking34), using the same gear as in my last image, naturally :grinning:


roger that, scores documented, thx!


Eidolon survived the third round. Tiger and Viking are cactus, or so would say an aussie mage.


Tiger beat bejebus and bluddy in round 4


Bos5k beat rhorg and bejebus in round 3. Just noticed that game hadn’t been reported till now


Bos5k vs Clef vs Eidolon: Clef won in round 4
My gear for this tournament has been the following:


You did it! Congrats! :partying_face:


@Eidolon Yeah but I get bonus points for casting Turmoil right? :sweat_smile:

Round 2 (Othrek/Larkaa/Viking34) ends in a draw between myself and Larkaa, I was forced to stall after some poor decisions and Larkaa had complete map control in the end.

This concludes the final match between all three involved wizards.


Thanks to everyone who participated! The first round was a real struggle.

First round results are in. The following players have progressed to the semi-finals:

Iod, Viking34, Eidolon, GlasMasv, Bos5k, Aka, Larkaa

That leaves 1 position left, but we have 7 players tied at 3 points each…

So, we need a few Tie-Breaker Battles!! If at all possible, it would be amazing if it were possible for these games to be played live , otherwise we may all die of old age before this tournament is over. But, I’ll leave that up to those in charge of setting up the games ( Clef and Beje ).

Please be sure to wear your official Tourney gear

[The following groups were randomly generated]


Clef (please setup the game)


Bejebus (please setup the game)


Winner of battle 1 vs winner of battle 2


Let us know if you play live so we can spectate (and make witty comments from the sidelines…)!


While we wait for these matches to finish, check out the new (unrelated) tournament signup here:


Bejebus is winner in tie-break BATTLE 2. GGs to Othrek and Pancetta!


You’re winner, Mr Cheese, congrats!:partying_face:


Tiger and Roderic have tied in the Tie-Break battle 1. This means that there will be a new match between them and Bejebus for the last place to the semifinal rounds!

Please guys, let’s try to arrange a live game.