Changing objects between soldiers in different places of world

That is quite unrealistic…. Teleporting stuff between soldiers who are in different places of world. Once an object is made and give to a soldier, it should become with that soldier and only could be trade with other soldier who is in same space (base or point of interests in geoscape between aircrafts).

That would bring more micro management to the game and force the player to build more equipment to the soldiers.

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Having 8+ bases all over the world sharing common pool of resources is also unrealistic.
Each base should have its own stack of Food, Mutagens, Materials, Technology and Ancient Resources. Stealing Materials in South America and immediately using them to build equipment in Siberia? Highly unrealistic! :wink:

Yes, you are right… but that would request even more management skills… i would be glad if teleporting armours and guns stop, as it is in Xenonauts for example.


It is, but since they have build story around running around the world AND have made having base with radar mandatory to discovery alien bases, currently is a must.

More freedom in building bases, having larger ships and different mechanicsm of e.g. less so frequent heaven defences (terrors used to be once a month in old Xcom games) would enable “free breath time” for e.g. transport between bases. Even in old xcom you did not need a ship, but goods and personel needed some time to arrive. I would like slower pace and increased hardship of the early game, with less frantic other half, but seems that is not what makers plan. More exploration on gaining resources and knowledge, less raiding. More freedom of player and less frequent but harder terror but mutated species.
More various missions independent of main storyline instead of constant heaven defences and alien base raiding. Old Xcom was way better developed in that aspect - aliens had various missions to do (harvesting humans, scouting etc.) not only city terror.


Again. We think the same. Now we have lots of mission, but with overpowered team, they are just boring and a massacre… we need less missions in late game, but, MUCH MORE harder, with risk of losing it and of losing soldiers also… what now is almost impossible to happen, even in Legendary.


I abstract legendary, as many sirens, Acid spitting Chirons etc. might arrive just as replanishment, but skilled and well equipped team can surely deal in matter of few turns, if not instantly.

Games loses sense in other half, even research supposedly florish, but does not affect game enough. So its more OK to speed up and survive instead fighting until researched just to progress, do only what is a necessity. I have come to point I know even with 3 nice teams you cannot defend it all, so I just skip time at exepense of “doom tracker”. I ignore many heaven attacks esp. inter fraction warfare.

Inter fraction warfare would be way nicer if escalated at lower level (instead of all planet war) earlier and somehow player involved, utilizing to get some tech or just individual weapons or armor faster (instead of just stealing raid).

Horror exists in look, way less in feel, once you learn a bit of how to deal with Scyllas and sirens, chrinos never built to frighten. That aspect that was present in primitive old school 2D I miss, and even we have HQ samples, HD anims … is a bit missed.

However, games tends to be more “straightforward” and by what I see as planned and under review changes is highly unlike to evolve that much.

maybe PP 2 or see what DLCs have to deliver? About 3 more to go!

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That would be great, and becoming in war with player if achive -25 diplomacy should be nice also.

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I personally like the “teleporting” because there is enough micromanagement in the game.
Imagine building cool new stuff - suddenly there is an important heaven defence mission that you can reach. But hey, your stuff is on the other side of the world? I don’t need that.

What I rather miss is a taxi service to get soldiers from one base to another without having to fly them by myself.

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