Magical equipment teleportation

Hello, I have seen the game right after the release and decided to give it one more shot after some time (because the state after the release made me go and play original UFO: Enemy Unknown instead).

I wanted to ask about the current game state – has the weapons / equipment management been improved, or is it still like “you have to fly your soldiers to a mission with your aircraft and before the mission, all equipment / weapons will be magically teleported to you from the other side of the globe where you obtained it one second ago”? If this hasn’t been fixed to a state where it would make at least a bit of sense, do you know if there is some plan for making this not so magical?

Thanks for your answers!


Well, its for new generation of players that forget to load the aircraft :slight_smile:
No, magic still exists :slight_smile:
But many far important bugs and things have been covered, making it closes to a child of XCom.

It’s one of those things the devs don’t like how they work atmo, and are thinking of ways to improve, so it’s unlikely that this will remain unchanged.


I’d like a Gameplay option to remove such ‘magic teleportation’. But would need to allow some aircraft inventory to avoid this becoming too frustrating.


Game got already so many things to hande at geosphere and this is not old xcom you got many random soldiers.

So I don’t think we need more micro.

Optional… I quite like micro on occasions. :+1:

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This is something that really does not allow me to enjoy this game. I am constantly asking two things from developers. Remove the stupid teleporter and add an ironman.
Add: I would also like to improve lean diplomacy and a higher level of challenge on legendary difficulty.

Just return to you base after every mission…

Do not load.

Yes devs can give you those, but you can just act like you have those at some level. I can’t see how you can’t enjoy without having them as code?.. but you knows of course…

Do you really not understand that I was answering the main idea of ​​the post or you just trying to seem smarter than it really is?

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O.o You are more cool then I guess at least…

I think self-imposed Ironman will remain the normal for a while until various bugs are ironed out. Still some random “my soldier just dropped through the scenery and is trapped” or “the Chiron just died and is preventing my vehicle from exiting” moments that require a restart or reload.

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Until today, I have not met the bugs and situations described by you (I’ve had deaths caused by touching stairs and stuck in scilla). I thought critical bugs were in the past. In this case, I completely agree with you, this function should be given more time.

Those suggestions are useless nonsense. It’s in the same vein as oh you think X is OP ? Don’t use X !

If you are consistent with this kind of mindset, you don’t need a game at all. You can play your dream game scenario in your head.


I agree that “don’t do it if you don’t like it” is not a solution…

Unfortunately, the game is not ready to be played on Ironman yet and offering that option would probably lead to a lot of complaints.

As to inventory management I’m sure that the devs will come up with some solution, as this issue is definitely on their radar.


Please leave the magic teleportation! It makes things so pleasing. You use the best available gear in each combat. There are many more soldiers and aircrafts here that in XCOM, which makes them hard a long to equip. In XCOM, you use the same Equipment in every fight, so it’s fair.

My goodness, that’s one thing it currently is not! :slightly_smiling_face:

If you want your soldiers to use the same equipment you have to go through the excruciating chore of unequiping every soldier, and then manually giving it to the soldiers in the other team. To make things worse, because there are ambushes, if you want to do equipment sharing while you are exploring with 2 or more teams you have to do this mind-numbing exercise before each exploration.

The devs have to either make it into a proper feature (an unequip all button, easy to use role/custom templates for equipping soldiers, allow equipping before ambushes), or put some other inventory system in place.

I would prefer the second option (specifically, only allowing equipping at base but making returning to base both mandatory and interesting)


I also find the item teleportation it a blessing, at least in the current implementation of the game.

I don’t do equipment change between squads for missions at all, but when I give a soldier an upgrade and want to give the current equipment to another soldier in another squad as a hands-down, I’m really thankful for that. Why?

Because you just can’t afford to return to base, let alone stand there. Before HD’s were tuned down, even resting was a challenge. Now you can do it without issue… often… but it’s not rare to have to leave a haven to fend for itself because it got attacked just when you were returning to base to rest, or to leave base with soldiers still fatigued because something happened while resting. And since a lot of times things happen far away and it’s not every base that has living quarters if you’re not abusing the system and/or not an experienced player… having to go back to a specific base to equip something is a big NO PLEASE for me.

In general I agree with @VOLAND, there just needs to be some balance between how easy it is to return to base / how much do you need to do it / how much fun/unfun it is.

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That’s true, it’s not ready. Also I think ammo logistics would require some fundamental reworks to make that not a chore and a engaging and balanced gameplay element. Given the long list of TODO’s I’d put that at the very end, if anywhere.

I kind of do not understand, why some people here reduce this to “have to return to base after every fight”… come on, people. Just use a bit of imagination. This can be solved in million different ways. Both aircrafts and bases have their (meaningfully limited) storage space, so you can simply load enough inventory for ? 2 ? missions? Possibility to transfer equipment (and soldiers) between aircrafts when they meat? Fast (meaningfully cheap) supply ships, which can transfer equipment and not people? Possibility to store / buy? Equipment in heavens of friendly factions? Come on, possibilities are almost endless and mostly anything is better than “equipment just appears on the other side of the globe”).

Argumentation in line of “if I just do this single isolated change into the design without considering it in context, it will not work”, is pretty meaningless. I was one of the original backers of this game. Mostly because games with certain level of complexity, as the original UFO had, are simply not created any more. I would be pretty disappointed if this thing ends up completely dumbed down just because some players nowadays can play only point and shoot games… I pretty much hope that devs are not thinking in line of discussion here “there would have to be button to do this and that”, but are thinking about design. Purpose of design is to make things work in context, meaningful and interesting at the same time.


The difficulty lies in making it as fun as possible for as many players as possible (and the resources required to do that). Though some players like it, inventory management and shuffling items from one storage location to another is not exactly the kind of stuff you can make into a theme park ride :slightly_smiling_face:

I think that the problem with the current system is not that it is unrealistic, it’s that it’s terribly unfun.

What I would like is for the solution to be part of addressing the crazy pace in the Geoscape mentioned by @sectoid_br, so you could actually return to base and not do 5 missions every day, and of making bases more interesting.

For example, skill points distribution, leveling up, healing, augmentations should all be happening at base (along with equipping soldiers) + something else + flavor.