Capturing Scylla

It’s just a problem with close range attacks, for now it’s not worth decipher the formulas. If you are headbutted and refuse wait have some SR paralyze, lower all armor parts of a Sylla side and then try again with attacks from this side.

Another possible trick is position at a diagonal, lower armor of legs at this diagonal and try again.

Again: Please tell me, what a “SR Paralyze” is?

I attacked the Scylla from the front, where the Head and the Melee weapons had already been disabled.

SR Sniper Rifle, standard warfare “acronyme”. :slight_smile: There’s one with paralyze. There’s also a pistol.

Mysteries of close range attacks. That said one trick could works, diagonal and legs. It works against crabs.

No, I objectively did not.

Where do I get the Sniper Rifle paralyze from?

LouisdeFuines, Check the above messages. The Athena sniper rifle is more effective for penetrating the scylla armor.

Implicitly? Ok, I felt it implicit because of:

You disagree, ok fine, pointless arguing.

Does the Athena SR paralyze damage? Where do I get it from?

It is literally not a matter of disagreement. It is reality and the basic meaning of English words. It is you making something up. I dislike when people put words “in my mouth” - when there is clear and written proof that you are lying a few inches above the page. Whether it is a misunderstanding of English, or something more “malicious”, I don’t care. I just am going to call it out.

Fine but if you insist, no way you convinced me, clearly your post was doing false assumption never tested.

The Athena is unlocked from reaching 50% alignment with Synedrion. It is a sniper rifle. It deals a mere 10 damage, but does 15 paralizing damage with 40 penetration. Which should be enough to penetrate a Syclla in her head or legs (or after you’ve reduced the armor on one spot).

And as mentioned earlier, there is a pistol that does paralyzing damage as well, although if the issue centers around aiming at a specific spot, and penetrating scylla armor, I’d wager that the athena sniper is the best way to go (since “I think” the pistol has less penetration, and certainly less accuracy).