Captured Myrmidons don't appear in containement!?

This is a bug or is supposed to be like that?

Captured Myrmidons don’t appear in containement!!? | Voters | Phoenix Point

It is intended

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That not make sense since we can paralyze and capture them!!?

It seems bad programation again for me. Why not vivisection and 10% more damage to Myrmidons? And collecting food from them?

It appears devs added a new specie to the game but didn’t care in create the respective associated research. :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless:


I call it inconsistency in the game, we mentioned it during the testing pre release, we did not get an answer

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Devs prioritize to rush new content and don’t build everything they should do respecting to it. That’s a bad work.

Anyway, this is a minor issue when we see a game breaker like the dumb diplomacy sistem that allow player to break economy of game (and steal lots of aircraft in first month) at no almost no cost!!! And possibility to steal the same resource in same Haven without break since the launch of PP and yet to resolve and fix.

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Just write again that obvious complain in the devs tool:

When you DEVS FIX THIS GAME BREAKER!?? | Voters | Phoenix Point