Captured Sirens disappear from Containment

I alreay sent a ticket about this but it occured again and I have some more informations : am I the only one whom captured Sirens bug out in Containment ?
First, they never unlock the Psychic Influence research : it keeps saying “Requirement not met. Pandoran with psychic ability 0/1” when I can clearly see the Siren in Containment, I can even “harvest”.
But if I choose not to, the Siren disappears not with reload (as previously stated), but it seems with the next creature I capture (though it was Tritons both times, maybe thinking breaking siren out is a Triton’s hidden ability is a bit far fetched…).

You need to capture a siren that is capable of draining will power, not mind control.

There’s a bug that hits every now and then with captured Pandas having the wrong mutations when you check them in Panda Prison. I’ve mostly had it with Arthurs and Chirons; usually when I’m trying to make my goo boots >_<

The bug is that loading a save empties the containment.

Different bug I think, what you’re describing is an extension of the Synedrion power bug isn’t it? The “transforming prisoner” bug requires no saving or loading though. I instincively check my containment after taking prisoners straight after the battle and have several times found my machine gun Arties are now clawboiz and my gooper Chirons are now wormers.

Yes, but the OP was talking about the siren going AWOL from the containment, not a different type of siren in the containment.

I quoted one question from Wenlock that I answered with my similar experiences, I never addressed the whole OP to begin with.