Can't Capture Pandorans

I have containment centers and even mutation labs… they are functioning and powered up. But when I paralyze pandorans they simply disappear at the end of the mission…

What am I missing…?

I had the same problem since last patch, it seems that when the vivisection research isn’t yet done this can happen or this always happen. But I thought they disappeared later, not right after the mission, so you could extract the material right after mission.

Thanks… I will play with it… bug or feature…?

I’m not sure is that kind of bug or feature, in my case I had a side mission to capture syclla while I’m in ‘ambushed’ mission…somehow the captured syclla doesn’t count to be captured and disappeared at end of ambush mission. Also happened at base defense mission, I did successful to cap a siren and didn’t show up in container.