Paralyzed Pandorans Not Showing Up in Containment

I just finished a mission where I paralyzed 4 Pandorans. 1 of which had not undergone vivisection. However, the others should have gone straight to containment. But so far, having done 3 species vivisection, nothing is showing up in containment. This worked prior to the Leviathan patch.

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I just tried capturing 2 of the tower things that shoot out mist. Are those capturable?

They didn’t show up in containment after.

Afaik you can’t capture these but you get the research from killing them

One of the capture goals is Psychic Influence. To my knowledge, one of the sentinels fit this bill, so they may be capturable.

For this research you need to capture a siren with psychic scream ability (and no, not all sirens have it, it is only one variant, the other is with frenzy).

Turns out, it looks as if one loads a saved slot, the containment cage is emptied of all contents. BUG!

I wrote this on other topic

Could be they fixed power bug partially and that is what kills captured pandas.

Makes sense, in a logical kinda way. Especially if powering it back on, saving, then capturing more works fine.

It’s not an issue of power as the base with containment is only using 20 units of power. It’s the loading of a saved file that is emptying containment.

Well after saving, doing another mission and capturing further pandoran’s, then saving and reloading, were they missing again?

Yes. I had it happen twice.

Ok. Well be sure to put that bug on the canary page.

Im having the same issue
after loading a saved game the containment empties
i have the GamePass version

has anyone found a fix for this?

Did you report it (as in, with the in-game reporting tool) ?