Save file missing, "hard drive"?

I tried playing a game and was unable to proceed and got this error message: “An error has occured! Please make sure you have enough space on your hard drive”. I have 226 GB of free hard drive space (about 1/4 of my hard drive). Is this error message a sort of catch all unknown message or is it really about hard drive space? Is there a log that might have more meaningful information?

Also, I had a save file completely vanish.

Can anyone tell me what is going on?

I don’t know what setup you have but the save files are on the OS drive, not wherever the game is saved.

The save file did not vanish. What I meant to say is that my saved game is no longer showing in the games UI. The file may or may not be present on the hard drive (???).

Okay, maybe it’s best to start from the beginning because your descriptions are missing a lot of information.

  • Do you have cloud save enabled in the EPIC store?
  • Are you loading the game from the EPIC store or from the game executable in its install folder?
    a) Did you change the way you load the game between these two methods?
  • Did you check the game save folder for the presence of files? (You should see files with the file type “.zsav”)
    C:\Users*USERNAME*\AppData\LocalLow\Snapshot Games Inc\Phoenix Point\EGS\bbc499f149ae4d0b80e5667642d51f34*

*I’m pretty sure this last folder is unique to each player. But it gives you an idea.

  • Did you check the Epic games store folder where files may be saved?


  • Is Phoenix Point saved on the primary OS drive?
  • Is the primary OS drive close to being full?
  • Did you try running the game with administrator privileges?
  • Which version of windows are you running?

It appears that with some changes (version rollback?) with regard to the game, I can now open my save files (for now??). I still don’t know if my hard drive error message will recur. One thing I forgot to mention, it didn’t just show the popup, I was also unable to proceed with the game. I’m still left with the question: is there any way to find out what this error message actually means? In any case, onto to your questions:

  1. Cloud save is enabled. This appears to be the default setting. I have not changed this setting.
  2. The directory C:\Users* USERNAME \AppData\LocalLow\Snapshot Games Inc\Phoenix Point\EGS\bbc499f149ae4d0b80e5667642d51f34 did contain the zsav save files. Specifically one autosave and my earlier save file.
  3. The epic games store folder did not have any save files, only a CloudCache directory that had a couple of what were called manifest files. So no, no save files in the directory that you specified.
  4. PP is installed on the primary OS drive. I actually only have one drive with a single partition.
  5. Is the primary OS drive close to being full? It depends what you mean by close to being full. Used Space: 773 GB, Free Space: 223 GB.
  6. There isn’t an obvious way of opening PP with admin, although I could open EGS with admin and lauch PP from there. It appears to work the same as opening the game normally. This doesn’t tell us anything now that the save problem is resolved.
  7. Windows 10

Okay, thanks.

Well, in response:

  1. Try disabling the cloud save if you don’t want to make use of it specifically - it has been known to cause certain incompatibility issues for different games (I had this problem with Rebel Galaxy Outlaw). I would back-up your save folder first in another location.

  2. If you navigate to \*Game Install Directory\PhoenixPoint\PhoenixPointWin64.exe

You can right click on the .exe and choose “run as administrator”


But try disabling the cloudsave first and see if that rectifies the issue. Regarding whatever caused the error message - since you have plenty of drive space then it could be an app privilege issue with an unclear error message, which is why I was wondering if running the game as administrator might fix it.

Of course, if you can’t replicate the conditions then it’s very difficult to test! :confused: