I'm a Platinum Backer. Not sure what I'm missing

I was so excited about the Game. I purchased in 2019.06.09. I played all the XCOM games tro death. I finished the mobile version 6 times. Almost on max level. When I started playing Phoenix Point BB. I just got bored. I dont know what I didnt see. But I just stopped playing. Didnt find it challenging.

I’m not sure, what the problem is (whether mine or the game style).

Did you actually play the finished game, released in December - or just the pre-release Backer Build?

It was the backer build, when I became disillusioned.

I have the finished and the DLCs in my Library to install.

I have started to install the Full Version.

There’s a fairly big update coming, hopefully in the next hour or so.

I wouldn’t bother starting a new game until the update is live (though you won’t have to restart).

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