Bug, Question and suggestion

Q: How do we recruit new soldiers?


  1. Both soldiers AND enemy creatures cannot ‘see’ through windows, door glass etc. I.E., many missions will have a building that looks like a store front… Yet nothing can see through the windows… that needs to be fixed.


  1. Weapons are way way too easily destroyed… I have had missions where I get through one or two turns only to find all my soldiers have no weapons… I can see having damage applied and eventually they fall apart but I also think we should be able to do basic field repairs if they jam etc or take other damage. It is very game play immersion breaking when you have one soldier left with a single weapon to the entire group

  2. Why do we see icons for where aliens spawn in? Will those be hidden later on? It makes it too easy to set up ambushes.

  3. BIGGER MAPS… These small maps are just too easy all around… They could easily be 10x larger for a more immersive and tactical combat style game play.

regarding recruiting:

Make sure you have the recruitment protocols tech
Make sure you have enough living quarters space/bunks for more soldiers
Make sure the haven you are trying to recruit from isn’t hostile to you
Make sure you can afford to recruit the soldier
Make space in you aircraft so it has room to get a new soldier
Make sure your aircraft is above the haven you are trying to recruit from

I think that is everything