Does the F12 in game reporter work for you guys?

It doesn’t work for me - after I submit the mission, it gets stuck “uploading save file” for over 5 minutes and no end in sight, I gave up and killed the game. I could not get out of the F12 screen. Oh the irony of submitting a bug report about the bug reporter itself. =.=

btw the issue I was trying to report was the spawnery was on an “island” of its own in the lair i.e. no path existed for normal foot soldiers. This can’t be right as you cannot be expected to have a jet pack with you and I had no way of creating line of sight to the spawnery either.

I do know that the bug reporter occasionally chokes if you have too many save files in the save folder as it is trying to upload them all, but can only handle a certain amount of data. Moving the save files to a temporary location is usually enough to get it to work.

I’ll try that thanks…why is trying to upload every single save in the folder though? The only relevant save is the current one…isn’t it?

not always. Sometimes it can show how the data had changed over time

But is it worth the cost of reports not making it through because it’[s trying to upload all save files? I don’t think it’s a good sign if the bug reporter itself is bugged.

Once it took me like 10 minutes for the uploads to finish. You just have to be patient.

Sigh so the bug section in the forum is a lure? I didn’t realized it.