Can't load my saves after I exit and return to the game

Completed the tutorial, got a few missions into the proper game and then I exited the game. At that time, I had a combination of perhaps a half dozen quicksaves, regular saves and autosaves.

I came back a few hours later, and rather conspicuously had to agree to the privacy and terms of service a second time (I did this when I first started playing). This seemed odd. It was like it was the first time I started the game.

No option to load my save games exists. It’s just New Game, Options, Credits and Exit.

Figuring it was an oversight, I just started a new game but there are no savegames to load.

WTH happened?

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I uninstalled BB5 (which was still on my system) and now the game offers ‘Continue’ or ‘Load’ on the main screen again.

But (previous to the BB5 uninstall) I deleted my BB5 desktop shortcut and the game I just had the problem with was 100% today’s new game. It had the new wrappers and options and everything.

Weeeeeeeeeird. FYI if this happens to you.

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Interesting. I still have BB5 installed, and game offers me to load game after returning to it. You scared me with this thread so I had to check it.

Yeah, I wouldn’t do anything drastic if you are say 20+ hours into a non-buggy BB5 lift you want to keep going on.

But it appears to have helped me. No idea if everyone will get plagued by this.

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Really weird. It just did it again. No option to load or continue.

Exiting + Reloading the game seems to have sorted it, but I would peg this as a semi-persistent problem.

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Steady problem. Every other start of the game (more or less) I can’t load saves and have to restart the program. Then it’s fine again.

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