Cant download the game


I’ve just bought platinum edition and tried to download game through email from xsolla number of transaction, but on the site is just receipt and message enjoy the game. What should I do?


when you follow the link in the xsolla email, it does take you to the download page. The windows and mac symbols are what you need to click to start the download


Thank you for reply. By link do you mean number transaction? Because thats only link in email, but then on the site there are no Windows / Mac icons


You check it on the computer or on the phone?

btw. What is platinum edition?


the page should look like this. The arrow points at the links


my page look like this


if you click the button, what happens?


it redirects me to this page


shakes fist



I’d suggest sending an email to with your Xsolla Transaction ID so they can help


Thank you, definetely going to try this.