Can anyone please share the build 3 launcher file?

I just purchased the early access a few hours ago.

However there is a problem. The link on my confirmation page is not working. It seems that link would direct me to a Cloudfront CDN but the connection with Amazon Cloudfront is somewhat unstable (or blocked) from where I live.

Just wondering if anyone can kindly provide a workaround for this situation? Maybe upload the launcher setup file to a public platform or something? idk.


Maybe Unstable Voltage can help you. We have no way to verify that you actually bought the game but I feel like he helped someone in the past who was having a similar issue.

You could likewise try using a VPN to say you’re somewhere else if it is indeed location blocked.

Thanks for the reply!

Here is my confirmation email. I’m living in China and the price gave by system is shown in Chinese currency (I payed in USD though.)

It is kinda weird because I still got reply from Cloudfront server when I ping it. On the other hand Youtube is blocked here (and that sucks) and my pings are timed out no matter when I try it.

So I suspect it is still reachable, just don’t know how.

also @UnstableVoltage. Please help!

Again thank you for reading the thread!


Need a VPN. Sigh. :roll_eyes:

Thank you everyone.