The mission does not end

A scavenging site mission. The last remaining enemy has been paralyzed, but the mission does not end. I’ve sent a full bug report using F12, but maybe anyone knows how to end this as I’ve spent time paralyzing the goo chiron?

Sorry, I’ve found a triton sitting idly on the edge of the map for the whole game. My bad. So paralysis works.


Except that it will dissapear from containment later on, after you reload. So just be aware of that bug that’s in the game presently.

Gosh! How can I complete their vivisection then?

I have performed every vivisection without problems

The vivisections work. It’s just the later stuff. So say you:

  1. Do mission X, capture a whole heap of Pandorans
  2. Go to geoscape
  3. Save
  4. Reload
  5. Go do another mission, finish it unlocking some more research stuff

But now your containments empty (ever since the reload back at the geoscape), so now it doesn’t unlock, since you don’t have the required Pandorans which are now all gone from containment. Vanished to the ether.

It’s all about what you have at the exact moment where the conditions for being able to research something are met / would have been. So to the comment about vivisections, that works fine because at the moment that you put those vivisections into your research queue you had those Pandorans in containment. If you had saved, reloaded then gone to put them in your queue they’d not be there.

All of my vivisections that I had already put into my research queue prior to reloading all work fine too. It’s where you saved and reloaded that matter most.

The game itself does load on missions and this also entire l empties containment.

Yep, queue is a life saver