Canny - Official Feedback Tool

Today, we’re rolling out our new consumer feedback tool, powered by Canny. You can access it here, and anytime on our official site, where it’s integrated. We’re working on an integration with our forums, and looking into a single-sign on solution right now, but our priority with this is first to give our players (and interested fans who aren’t yet playing) a chance to communicate with us in a ranked, organized, and actionable way that everyone can see, track, and participate in.

First off, let me walk you through how the system works:

If you’re familiar at all with Reddit, our Feedback board is a little bit like that (except there’s no downvoting). Anyone can create an account, start a post in the appropriate category, and put up a piece of feedback.

  1. Screenshot_2020-01-17 Feedback Phoenix Point(1)

We have four categories that you can post into: Bugs, Balance Changes, Feature Requests, and Other. Generally, you should post into one of the first three. If you’re unsure where to post, take a look at some of the existing posts in each category to get a sense of what goes where. Please, for the love of Anu, Always categorize your posts.

  1. Screenshot_2020-01-17 Feedback Phoenix Point(2)

Before you create a new post, search the existing posts to see if the same issue you’re interested in (or something substantially similar) already exists. Don’t repost. Reposters will be volunteered as test subjects for the New Jericho weapons testing facilities. Instead, upvote posts that match your issues – this pushes that post up the list and gives it more weight and visibility for us.

Eventually, we’ll have a number of posts stack ranked by category based on community interest. The marketing team will be looking at these on a regular basis, and providing the devs with regular reports on activity on the Feedback tool.

If you don’t want to create a post or upvote (or if you’ve already upvoted), but you still have something to say, you can use the comment feature underneath a post to start or engage in a discussion. Keep it civil and on topic.

While we’re not rolling this functionality yet, eventually the Feedback tool will have the ability to give everyone insight into the development process for the changes that have been scoped from the list. Our team can assign owners, show progress, and the tool will automatically create a public roadmap and personally notify anyone who is following a topic via whatever contact means he chooses whenever a change happens in the development of that topic.

These features and some others will be enabled later; for now, we want to involve the community in giving us feedback as directly and clearly as possible in a single, aggregated source.

We’re really excited to begin the rollout of the Feedback tool. Rest assured, this is only the first step in a process of formalizing and expanding our customer insights process to give the players and fans a much bigger and more direct way to help us improve and iterate on Phoenix Point. We are psyched to work closely with the community to make this game an amazing experience for years to come.