Why was my post criticising the game and asking for patch removed?

I don’t know from where you take that conclusion. Did you missed part where I write that there are other more important things to work on?

Try to do that when there are hundreds of post spitting in one day on all ways of communication. :slight_smile: Good luck! They finally responded? They did. And they even proposed solutions.

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While I agree that there are times when Snapshot could be more responsive, I do feel I have to come to their defence here. As @MadSkunky has already pointed out, Snapshot have not only acknowledged that Lairs are a problem, but have proposed a multi-layered solution and are gathering feedback from the community on Canny about it right now.

My take on all of this? They got swamped when the first release provoked a wave of criticism, and that put them on the back foot for weeks, if not months. Remember, they are a new, relatively small studio with only 1 guy doing a PR job that would occupy a handful of people full-time. I also get the impression that they learned from their first rushed patch and didn’t want to go into any other major overhauls half-cocked (yeah, I know… acid… What can I say…? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)

So they have been monitoring opinion, figuring out how to deal with it, and now they are moving into a more proactive ‘redevelopment’ stage.

'Fraid I also have to agree with @Potkeny on this one. That’s the state of modern gaming today - especially with the smaller studios that can’t afford to sit on a project for a year until they’ve got it right. For me, it’s a measure of how excited I was about this project that I got involved at the BB stages, and have been trying to provide constructive feedback ever since. Usually, I do exactly as Potkeny suggests and wait at least a year before I buy a game I’m interested in, so that they’ve had time to iron out all the bugs - and that includes my beloved Madden NFL.


Frankly? they were probably swamped long before this. Remember the game got delayed three times that I can remember, and the one thing that’s as polished as can be is the manual aim, aka the first thing implemented and shown in backer builds to set PP aside from competitors. Anything that was supposed to be developed in the later stages feel extremely rough.

Most of the strategic features have been rushed. Diplomacy is barely worth the label, base management and production are actually LESS interesting than OGXCOM, Ufopaedia is barely a paragraph long for every item, character classes and skill feel very generic, gear lacks tactical options that are a staple of the genre, and doesn’t really provide unique/innovating weapons, a fair few touted features like adaptable mutations are missing and it’s clear the game didn’t go through balance testing before release.

I still hope they’ll manage to fix it by the time it hits Steam, but only time will tell


You’re not wrong. But they are trying…

Of course you cant respond to every single post. No studio/publisher no matter how big they are can do this, but there is a very simple trick to avoid this: A sticky post with a list of known issues that are being looked into as well as a disclaimer during the writing of a new “new Post” to check that post if the issue has already been reported. Its not hard, it doesnt take long and most importantly it shows everyone on the forum that their issues/criticism are taken seriously.

That conclusion is based on your answer that another player as already stated numerous times to not deal with lairs at all as well as your statement to use of overpowered ways to deal with them. This circumvents the issue with lairs but does not solve it at all. For me this was the reason i quit the game a while ago until this issue is resolved as i refuse to rely on exploits just to finish a game in a completly boring and unsatisfying way.

This is pretty much my point: they acknowledged that this is a serious issue months after this issue was pointed out. But i agree that no one wants something rushed which probably creates more problems than it solved.

Dont get me wrong, its good to see this finally being adressed as well as the implementation of the hyped “evolution” of enemies, both get my hope up that the game someday will be in a state to be playable and enjoyable.

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Not a list with all issues, but sticky and leads you to the tool that handles players feedback better than a forum can, also with responses from snapshot:

Maybe the title is not clear enough, but I don’t think it is too absurd to overlook it.

The last post in this sticky thread does what you describe and even a bit more because canny is able to give you some hints when you start to post a new issue:


In my opinion, their way with canny is more than many other and even bigger game studios offer for player feedback.

And it is also not that hard for anyone to read these sticky posts here in the forum at the first place before they start to rampage. But also only my opinion …


Hi. I have made a fair few comments which I phrased in an educated manner and were critical of the game. I never got anything deleted , you appear to write in a polite if very blunt manner. I can imagine it irritating for you.

I don’t want sound like a suck up but I think that at this present moment in time conversely exactly when we are all desperate to have some audio visual entertainment we should leave game studios to do what the rest of us are are doing, which is waiting this out.

The development studio is presumably based in Europe so some kind of lockdown procedure is in place and I am sure that they will get back to development as soon as they can.

I am in Italy and am now on my 8th week of lockdown which will continue until, at least the beginning of May, so I appreciate your frustration.

I’ve been playing a lot of video games, for obvious reasons,recently, and I have not seen one patch from any title in over a month. However there are lots of good games on the radar which might keep you going for a fix until the development restarts on PP. One personal choice for a 4X would be Corruption 2027 a much smaller in scale but mechanically, technically and… Cheap tactics Xcom like based purely on the combat.


And if you have played “Mutant Year Zero”, the predecessor from the same game studio, the tactical mechanic and graphic is almost the same (not to say pure copypaste) but without the really good and tense storyline.
I personally have it on my list and when I have enough of “betatesting” PP i will purchase this little gem.

Edit & PS, only for clarification:
I read the original message from the OP before it was deleted and I also found it too aggressive, offensive, a bit too personal against the developers and almost without any new or factual criticism that isn’t already addressed (see my links above). So I can understand that the moderators deleted it, even if he is quite right with some of his points (lairs and acid).

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If your product is sub par at least have a courtesy and admit “we failed on so many different levels but we will try to improve”. Instead we get all the excuses and more DLCs.

You guys have to remember one thing you paid AAA price for this game. There is not a single other industry where this sort of behaviour would fly.

I personally would not pay for kickstarter again. Because developer can deliver poor quality and then block you. You paid in advance sucker.

I bet most of you guys are employed, can you imagine you tell your employer “I tried my best”?

[EDIT: Removed the part of your post that was inappropriate. Next time it will be the entire post. UV]


Seriously, whats wrong with you? Everyone here is trying to be nice and coming up with reasonable arguments, but you choose to ignore everything and keep writing the same crap in different colors. In the opening you write that “someone” is not able to handle criticism, i think this someone is you. You are flat out ignoring it.

You have made up your opinion, informed everyone about it and are not willing to change it, so just get out of here and play another game. Heck in the time you wasted with all these posts you could have probably worked the money 3 times back by now, that you claimed to have wasted on this product.


I can certainly respect that, but as a customer/refunder, I won’t re-buy the game until I see if they “succeed”.

I have to mention that all you time and effort that you spent reading and denigrating of this game is all recorded in your profile summary. For someone with such a strong opinion on what everyone thinks I’m surprised how little time that you have recorded.

I believe that despite the game flaws, most people appreciate the originality of this take on the genre. It has balancing issues and bugs, but it is a crowd funded project. If you were to compare with xcom2 from Firaxis (substantially larger developer) it still has bugs that were never fixed and with earlier DLC regularly didn’t work at all. They had teams all over the world developing it - just read the credits.

I’m frustrated that PP is not as finished as it should be - but this small development team is trying to fix the issues just like Firaxis was. Many aspects of PP are beautiful and very intelligent. Give snapshot time, not derision.

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I can tell something like that. I just won’t get annual bonus. :wink:

btw They say “I tried my best, and I will improve, have faith in me. And remember you don’t have to pay me more for me to get better.” :wink:

no because that should be straight up considered fraud if i payed full price for a product just to have to pay extra for it to be fixed. Like you wouldnt buy a new car to see that half the advertised features were either broken or not even build. Then you go to the shop and they tell you: “oh we know that. you payed for all this, but the thing is you have to pay an additional fee.”
The difference is in case of the car you can return it and get your money back, which is for some reason not possible here. Because by the time you realise how much is broken or not included at all the stupidly short timeframe of 2 h is long over.

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This comparison reminds me of another and bigger game studio than snapshot that released a second part of a very good XCom-like game with announcements of how much better it should be than its predecessor. Well, I had to wait for a AAA full price DLC until this successor really became what I expected.

Lol. Car vs game comparison? Give me a break. First of all if I could buy a car for 40 dollars I would not complain it might not function in some degree. Anyone who want to put a cash for a car, first thing which is doing is to check what he is buying. Don’t you think that? Guarantee or at least take the car to good diagnostic station. Read reviews and opinions about car model and manufacturer…

Now take this game. There are no reviews? There is no info it is almost brand new development studio? There wasn’t information this is Kickstarter project? So small studio doing game for crowdfunded money… One could think: “There must be no risk at all. I will put my money out and will marvel this absolutely gorgeous game without any consideration… Oh I made mistake. Shirt! This game is not like full priced Porsche!” :smiley: Sorry couldn’t resist.

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Speaking of cars, public funding, small studios, etc. Project CARS was such a product and it delivered on what was promised, basically out of the box. So it’s possible one could expect the same of similarly public funded/small studio video games. Of course, caveat emptor always applies.

Of course a game and a car arent the same thing and this “comparisson” was done to point out, that in no other industry would this kind of practice even nearly be deemed “acceptable”. However, unfortunatly in the gaming industry you seem to have no right to return a product that is sub par and/or plainly broken.

And seriously you list “reviews” as source of information? have you even read a single review on phoenix point? They all praise the game in the highest tones with scores of 80-90 % and claiming the enemy evolution system (which isnt even included 5 month after release) was just brilliant. Which means they got an entirely different product to test or the reviews were just straight up bought.

Being a kickstarter project has nothing to do with that either. As there are numerous games from small studios out there that are just plain brilliant. They had a lot of time going through various backer builds and should have had gotten enough feedback from those backers to get at least the basic balancing somewhat right. But failed even at that.


Would be great!
But Metacritic is at 74

However it still can reach 90 with right development

I believe that the PC Gamer review gave it a favorable score. However, they also talked about the extreme ramping up of DDA causing them to give up.