Clarifications on what we are offering to backers of Phoenix Point

Hi Wormerine,
I have added additional notes to the main post concerning the living weapons / chitin armour.

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Hi Sounds,
You will need to use the Epix launcher for patches and updates.

These will be exclusive to backers, then availalbe 3 months after launch as a paid upgrade pack for everybody.

So for the launch on gog/steam, it’ll be available as purchasable dlc for everyone? Just making sure.

Yes, it will be available for purchase, 3 months from the initial launch on Epic (which means it will be available for immediate purchase once the game reaches Steam/GOG). It will be exclusive to Luxury Digital Edition/Platinum Edition backers and above for the 3 months.

Thanks for the confirmation… now if we could just get fig-backers into xsolla-system…

Technically they are, in a really limited way. Xsolla imported the data which is basically email addresses and which tier you purchased at - but it’s kinda clunky.

Hopefully now the Epic deal has announced and things settle down I can get back to whipping Xsolla into something that resembles a solution.



Have been following the game for a long time, and I was waiting for the full GoG-release.

Now, things have changed a bit.

So, what is “backer” in this case? If I buy the game now during the development, am I a backer? Is this topic relevant to me?

the backers this refers to are those people that preordered the game before the exclusivity announcement was made.

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Thanks for reply.

So I have two options, to suffer updating “DRM-free” version every time thru Epic-launcher (and buying DLC from there too), or to wait one year after release for GoG version?

I have to say, any way I look at this, I can’t see this Epic deal positive in any angle, as consumer. I’m happy it helps the devs, I get it, money, you need to keep lights on, and so on… I guess I’ll check the game again in two years, once it finally hits to GoG.

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Yup, there is no way around it. As much as backers can be upset about the change, I see our situation as quite beneficial, but I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes. I would certainly wait for GoG release.

Not that it is that bad, though I know how hard it can be to stay away from the few selected titles I actually really care about. To be honest, if you get it once it release on GoG you will probably have a much better experience then us at launch. Think of it as some too dedicated fans testing the game for your release :smile:

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Quick clarification on item number one: you stated we would get a steam or gog key (whichever we signed up for) after the year - does that mean we are essentially getting an extra copy of the game with whatever backer-tier content we purchased (1 for epic at launch and 1 for the other platform a year later)? Is there any “gotchas” on this, e.g. if I decide to wait a year do I still have both an epic key and a steam key?

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I don’t think it includes all the backer-tier content (physical rewards for sure not), but game-related DLCs should be there. Will the ebook be another DLC for the purpose of the code? I hope so.

Things like the e-book are not directly part of the game anyway, and are DRM free, so you wouldn’t technically need 2 copies. But yes, you will get Epic + Steam/GOG and the DLC for both versions.

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Refunds must be coming in at higher rates than you expected to see you actually take the time to try and clarify this. But since you did, I think it’s fair we point out the disingenuous elements of your statements here:

You will receive a Steam key or gog key in addition to an Epic store key, after the period of exclusivity.

That’s all well and good, except that’s not what we paid you for. You’re trying to pretend as if you didn’t violate your pre-order agreements, except that’s exactly what you did.

We are not asking you to support Epic’s business strategy, or the idea of exclusivity.

Actually, that’s PRECISELY what you’re asking us to do. By having funded your game for you and enabling you to reach the point we’re at now, we’ve already effectively helped you support Epic’s business strategy and the idea of exclusivity. Of all the garbage you’ve spewed in response to this debacle, this is the most insulting.

I can live with a lot of your other spin, even if I refuse to support it, but a statement like this is a complete and utter lie.

Phoenix Point will be DRM free on Epic and can be played offline.

Doesn’t matter, wasn’t what we paid for. Give us what we paid for, delivered in the manner you committed to, or at least provide a direct download outside of Epic to do so.

Yes, we know your contract prohibits this, it’s time to man up and go back to the drawing board with Epic, because you’re destroying your company’s image in the absence of that (and maybe even in spite of that, at this point).

The Epic deal will certainly make Phoenix Point a better game at no extra cost to backers.

The first half of this can never be proven, so you might as well stop saying it. The second half of this is an utter lie. The extra cost may not be directly monetary at this point, but results from the ongoing damage you’re helping to deliver to the gaming industry through your support of Epic and their b.s. exclusivity deals.

All backers have been contacted by email explaining the situation and full refunds have been offered for anybody who is not happy.

Backers are continuing to report that they have not received these emails (and these are just the ones who have found out about your announcement through other means, plenty likely remain uncontacted).

Furthermore, the refund method you are offering is not sufficient (and I trust you know this), and unless you start acknowledging your responsibility here, you should expect to receive continued disputes being filed (which you may or may not care about).


Don’t forget to mention that release should be in 4th quarter of 2018. :stuck_out_tongue: This is crowdfunding. Get over it. I would advice Snapshot Games to name that exclusivity period a beta testing period. After that beta you will get full release on Steam and GOG. :wink:


Lol. And they forget to switch off computers for the night. This caused higher electricity bill, more coal used to produce that electricity, and more pollution. We will all pay for this with our health. Even those who didn’t backed the game. Pure evil. I like the way you throw charges. :wink:


But if it’s only in the epic-key, I would need to install that… I would be happy with a “snapshot download” of the ebook (and similar stuff), but not sure I really want to risk another fig-xsolla account-linking… getting it on your chosen platform sounds safer (as gog has “manuals” in the “dlc/extras” section, it could work perfectly).

The extras will either be a direct download or available with the keys on all platforms.


I’m not sure i want my money going to YOU

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Then refund option is for you.

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I was not emailed about this, I checked my spam fold etc. but there’s nothing from you besides links to the latest download versions.